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Activist Urges Politicians to Make Reconciliation New Year Resolution

A human rights activist, Mr. Chris Ukaegbu, has urged leaders and politicians to make reconciliation one of their new year resolutions in order to move the country forward.
Ukaegbu told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Nsukka, yesterday that playing politics of bitterness and attacking one another on pages of newspapers would over-heat the polity and constitute a threat to national security.
“Good politicians, no matter their political party affiliation, place national interest above their personal interest in their comments and actions.
“Our politicians should learn how to forgive one another in order to move the country forward. No country has achieved meaningful development with politics of bitterness and rancour,” he said.
He said politicians in the country should emulate late Dr. Nelson Mandela, who played politics according to the rules.
“Mandela suffered for 27 years in prison to secure freedom for his people from apartheid regime, but ruled for only four years as president and honourably stepped aside. Mandela, after his release from prison, reconciled with those who offended him and even forgave the white people, who sent him to jail so as to move South Africa forward,” he said.
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“Politicians should not see election as a do-or-die affair, since if one fails today in an election, he or she may win tomorrow. We should consider the national interest before taking any action, as generation yet unborn will not forgive us if we allow the labour of our past heroes to be in vain,” he said.

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