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Everything is wrong with PDP — Sen Adeyeye

Senator Olusola Adeyeye representing Osun Central District  in the National Assembly is the Vice-Chairman, Senate Committee on Education. He recently empowered people of his constituency with the sum of N50million. He fielded questions from newsmen following the programme on issues pertaining to the state and the country. Excerpts:

What do you think is wrong with the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP?
Everything is wrong with PDP; there is endless decay, endless immorality and endless stagnation. The people of Nigeria can see that what we have at the top of Nigeria is leadership without vision and  the people are saying enough is enough.

Senator Iyiola Omisore alleged that one of the senators in Osun state was arrested for being in possession of arms and ammunition, what is your reaction to this?
All I can say is that he failed at an electoral competition where Senator Babajide Christopher Omoworare who is the youngest senator beat him hands down.

He could not even win his own ward, in other words, by the verdict of the people of Ile-Ife, in the year 2011, Iyiola Omisore was not even qualified to be a councillor, it would be our pleasure if the PDP is stupid enough to make him their candidate, it would also be our pleasure to take him in a contest before the people of Osun and I can tell him now that the end is a forgone conclusion because we will beat him in every ward in Osun State.

What is the Senate doing to avert educational crisis in the country?
Anytime I see what is happening in the education sector, I feel like weeping, I went through the public school in Nigeria and it served me well and unfortunately, the public schools are not serving the present generation well but I believe that the end is in sight by the grace e of God and we shall end this problem.

Why the choice of distributing  money to the people of your constituency as an empowerment programme?
My initial intention was to make it a micro-credit scheme but because of a lot of hurdles that we have to scale, the programme was delayed.
And this time I have decided to just give token to the people instead of buying bags of rice, beans, turkey and oil. I decided that I will not even buy motorcycles and things like that, I just give them money.

If you like, you can use your own money to pay school fees, if you like take your own money and buy kola-nuts and take it to the north and make profit.
So, I actually gave them the money and I asked the people themselves to decide how much should be given to each person. I wanted the smallest amount to be about N20,000 and the biggest amount to be N100,000.

Resoundingly, they rejected that, they themselves elected that each person should be given the same amount, I said okay, give everybody N20,000 and they said no, they wanted everybody be given even a lesser amount, so each person is getting N15,000  and today we are giving about 3,500 people a sum of  N15,000  each turning to roughly about 50 million naira.

This makes me happy because the people are very happy. We have giving to 3,500 people and I did not nominate a single person, that is not my own way of doing things. What I did was to say bring your leaders together, the party leaders, the women leaders and the youth leaders.

Every leader in every local government is represented, every woman group is represented, the youths are represented, the youths cannot be cheated, the women cannot be cheated and nobody would be cheated and everywhere we have gone today, resoundingly, we have been praised by the people for doing what they think is right for them.

Would the gesture be continued after today?
My goal is that the next round would be what I intended originally which is a micro-credit finance. This is just to let them know that when I made the promise, a little less than a year ago, I meant to keep it, I am a man of my word, I have brought two things to politics, I intend to leave politics with them, my Christian testimony and a good name and a good name means when you tell the people something, you keep your word.

I will continue it, by the grace of God, as long as I am alive, I will do everything in my power to serve the people of Osun.
This year alone, I am building 24 different classrooms in different parts of this senatorial district. In addition, along with my other colleagues in the National Assembly, that is, those from Osun, we are building massively throughout Osun and very soon you would begin to see and if you had looked at the newspapers, you would see that there had been advertisements everywhere about what we are about to do in the area of education.

We in the National Assembly, not just me, all of us from Osun decided that we would pump all of our constituency projects into education and we did not get the contract, I am not a contractor, if they give me the contract, I will reject it.
This is contract awarded by the Federal Government in accordance to where we the representatives of the people want the project to be located.

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