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The Treacherous Impudence of 6 Rivers Lawmakers

The newspaper advert on Friday by six members of the Rivers State House of Assembly in which Mr. Evans Bipi addressed himself as “speaker, Rivers State House of Assembly” was an embarrassment to the whole country. It was even more shameful that this act happened at a time when leaders of the world, including the president, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, were celebrating the leadership qualities of the late South African president Nelson Mandela.
Rt. Hon. Otelemabama Amachree is the Speaker of the Rivers State House of Assembly that is known to the law. Any other claimant of that position is an impostor that must be stopped. The world is watching to see the kind of leadership Jonathan would exhibit with regard to the impersonation by Bipi when the president returns from the celebration of Mandela’s leadership credentials in South Africa.                

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