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Police Uncover Another Baby Factory, Rescues 16 Pregnant Teenage Girls!!!

Police Uncover Another Baby FactoryWho would have thought someone can invest in baby factory business.A man would have the patience to wait for teenage girls to get pregnant, wait for 9months for them to deliver and then trade their babies.Not surprised he is Ibo anyway. The Police Command again has uncovered another baby-making factory in Egbu, near Owerri the State capital, arresting the proprietor, one Dr. James Ezuma who runs a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), and a clinic. 16 girls were
rescued in the process. 
The girls were kept in two rooms in the building that houses his NGO, with no windows while repulsive odour oozed out from their rooms.
The girls, aged 14-19 were encouraged to get pregnant and take home the sum of N100,000 at delivery, on the condition that they would abandon their babies who would be eventually used for purposes ranging from child trafficking to rituals.
The commissioner of Police has warned the general public to endeavour to keep an eye on their girls so that they would not fall prey to such miscreants like Dr. Ezuma, who does not mean well for the society.
One of the girls who spoke amidst tears said, her boyfriend rejected 
the pregnancy and was directed here by her aunt. She said though she was given N100,000 after delivery, on the promise that they would train her baby, but she never knew her baby would be sold to unknown persons even without her consent.
Also speaking, another victim, 18 year old Blessing A. who came from Lagos, told journalists that she became stranded when she got pregnant, but was directed to the place with the promise that her child would be taken care of.
The suspect while speaking to journalists insisted that he was not into child trafficking, and that the child was given out for adoption on the consent of the mother.
Other items recovered from the suspect include, a gun and 10 exotic cars of different models.

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