Ngige’s Agents Accused of Destroying Obiano’s Billboards

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An end may not be in sight in the war of attrition between supporters of Senator Chris Ngige, candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and his opponent in the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), Chief Willie Obiano over allegations of billboard destruction.
Earlier at the start of the campaigns, supporters of Ngige had accused unidentified agents of Obiano of destroying their billboards by using force of the state to harass and intimidate them.
However, in a dramatic turn of events, the Obiano group has also accused agents allegedly working for   Ngige of destroying and defacing billboards, posters and other below the line publicity materials of belonging to Obiano, in different parts of Anambra State.
According to a member of Obiano’s campaign team, Nze Obed Okwuosa, feelers from their monitoring exercise revealed that the coordinated destruction of Obiano’s campaign materials was being allegedly carried out at night by a special squad allegedly set up to sabotage Obiano.
Confirming the organised destruction valued at over N50million after inspecting Obiano's billbords across Anambra State on November 6, Okwuosa, said no billboard was spared especially in the Idemmili Area where they tore down everything while those not torn were defaced.
“Even the billboards in the state capital were not spared. We have it on good authority that the operations were carried out with a high level sophistication by paid hirelings protected by armed thugs. We are afraid that the peace we have enjoyed all along in this state even in the early days of the election campaign has been fast eroded. No thanks to the desperation of some cutthroat politicians who want to take over Anambra State by any means necessary.”
He explained that efforts by his team to replace the destroyed flex materials have not been easy because of the frequency of occurrence and the level of organisation of the vandals behind the destruction. 
"Why would any sane person resort to these crude tactics if not to foment trouble? APGA and Willie Obiano stand for peace and we have refused their bait. We take solace in the fact that Ndi Anambra knows the culprits. They also know that the destruction of Billboards cannot stop our collective march to greatness from November 16, this year."
He however noted that the attention of the police and the electoral authorities have been drawn to the growing spate of destruction being perfected by the agents, a move that has already led to the arrest of two young men were caught in the act and who had also allegedly confessed to acting on instruction.
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