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No airport in Nigeria is fully certified

Lagos AirportThe Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) says no airport in the country is fully certified. At a Senate public hearing on recent developments in the nation’s aviation sector, the Director of Aerodrome in the agency, Mr. Joyce Nkemakolam, also stated that over 25 airlines had been registered for operation in the country.

The public hearing also revealed that one of the airlines has a plane that is 43 years old.

One shocking revelation at the probe is the fact that the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) is yet to certify any of the 22 airports in the country because the airports have been unable to meet the requirements on the regulator’s checklist particularly in the area of security and safety in the last 20 years.

The NCAA is yet to certify any airport in the country since 2006, when the law that gave it autonomy to certify airports in line with international regulations was promulgated, and none of the airports in the country was certified before NCAA’s autonomy. Yet we fly daily in and out of these uncertified airports.

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