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Controversy Rocks APC over Admittance of Nyako’s Allies

Stakeholders of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Adamawa State yesterday revealed that the interim leader of the party in the North-east, Alhaji Umaru Duhu, has opted to use his position to transfer the structures of new party to Governor Murtala Nyako and his allies in the state.
The spokesman of the APC stakeholders, which comprise former party chairmen of Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) and the defunct Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN), in all the 21 local government areas of the state, Alhaji Muktar Aliyu Yusuf, made the disclosure in Yola, where he said that it was a fatal mistake for Duhu to plan to surrender the structures of APC to the disbanded Peoples Democratic Party (New PDP) of Nyako and his allies.
Yusuf said the unwarranted steps taken by Duhu were capable of causing disaffections within the party, which was established based on integrity, fairness, equity and justice.
He said they were not against Nyako and his supporters defecting to the APC, stressing that they were only calling on the leadership to follow due process and apply caution in registering the governor’s loyalist.
“To avoid a crisis in APC utmost caution should be applied in admitting a group that is known for crisis into the party. The APC is not a crisis ridden party hence the outright admission of such individuals should not be allowed to hijack the party machinery in the name of membership drive,” he said.
Explaining further, Yusuf said Nigerians deserved a democratic culture which would strive for positive change that would institute a formidable and durable democracy in Nigeria.
He said the development was not good for the party considering the fact that some of the reasons that have influenced the fusion of legacy parties  into APC, adding that it was lack of democratic culture, internal democracy and imposition of candidates on Nigerians that irked the emergence of APC to battle these undemocratic act bedevilling the nation’s polity.
“The Nyako camp of the PDP should not use APC as the last bet or a shield for its war lords. Without any iota doubt we envisage that the same characteristics that were apparent in the new PDP and the larger PDP are bound to resurface in the APC if the group is wittingly admitted into APC even on individual basis. The said group has succeeded in destroying PDP Adamawa state and elsewhere in Nigeria,” he said.
“Shall we be preaching peace while at the same time allow PDP warlords to destroy our party? Obviously not,” he added
While advancing reasons why they might not allow the Nyako camp to join the APC, he noted that it was because APC had its own agenda of making Nigeria a vibrant democratic nation, which believed the Nigerian people were paramount, pointing out that the Nyako group might not share the same ideology. 
He said the admittance of the group was not done with utmost consultations with APC stakeholders both at the state and national level, urging Nyako and his supporters to try and settle the dispute in the PDP.

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