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Ndigbo Supports National Confab, Referendum

Ndigbo Lagos, the umbrella body of all Igbo organisations in Lagos State yesterday threw its weight behind the proposed national conference but  advocated that Nigerian citizens and not the National Assembly should decide on the outcome of the confab.
The group in a release signed by its Director of Communication and Strategy, Chief Chuma Igwe, said that the myriad of reconcilable differences that has continue to threaten the existence of Nigeria necessitated the need for Nigerians to sit down and reconcile their differences and forge ahead as one indivisible country.
The Ndigbo Lagos also  noted that for  a long time Nigerians have been soliciting for an opportunity for all ethnic nationalities  to sit down together and discuss the future existence of the country as a one and indivisible nation, praising President Goodluck Jonathan for his statesmanship in giving approval for the talk to hold.
“As we journey through Nigeria’s first 100 years with all the condemnable bloodletting and anxiety in the land, we strongly believe that at no point in our history, outside the period of the civil war, has the state of our union been threatened, therefore there is no better time than now to talk to ourselves and find a common basis for truth and justice
“Ndigbo Lagos is conscious of the past efforts at a national  dialogue, the disappointments that attended their outcome, and the consequent suspicion and skepticism with which Nigerians now regard this gesture from Mr. President.
Be that as it may, the truth is that the possibility of election rigging has neither eroded the credibility of the democratic process nor caused Nigerians to lose confidence in democracy as a more viable system of government.”
Ndigbo also suggested that it is the people of Nigeria that should decide on the outcome of the conference and not the National Assembly since the voice of the people is supreme.

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