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12 States to Benefit from N64.3bn Urban Water Supply Projects

BoreholeNigeria’s third National Urban Water Sector Reform Programme (NUWSRP) has been finalised and its implementation will soon commence both at the federal level and in 12 benefiting states.
The states include Bauchi, Ekiti, Kano, Gombe, Benue, Jigawa, Ondo, Abia, Bayelsa, Anambra, Plateau and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).
Like its precursors – (the 1st and 2nd NUWSRP), the 3rd NUWSRP is being financed by the World Bank at the request of the federal government, THISDAY has learnt.
Earlier this year, the Board of the World Bank approved a $400 million (N64.3 billion) loan for the implementation of the programme aimed at improving water supply and sanitation service delivery in 12 beneficiary states.
Senior Water and Sanitation Specialist, Water and Sanitation Programme, World Bank, Mr. Alexander Danilenko, said the loan has a 30-year repayment time with a five- year grace period.
According to information by the Water and Sanitation Network (ewash), the project has three components. The first component includes the rehabilitation and expansion of water production and distribution facilities in six states for which $250 million has been budgeted; and Small Towns Water Supply Improvement under an Output Based Aid.
Programmes to be implemented in this component are technical assistance to support consolidations of water sector institutional and regulatory reform, including establishment and elaboration of respective legal and regulatory frameworks and entities; capacity building of sector staff; institutional reforms; technical and legal studies, tariff and demand studies, including serving vulnerable populations such as the poor.
Others are rehabilitating and replacing aging and ill maintained pipes and collectors; improving and extending services to the potential customers; restoring capacity of water intake facilities and treatment plants, and storage capacity, etc.; and installation and provision of equipment and facilities that will permit a more technical management of the water system, including managing water quantity, i.e. bulk and micro-meters, billing and accounting system, GIS and geo-referencing software, equipment and appliance, including customer management  and office space; as well as water quality, such as water quality laboratories, equipment, chemicals and associated facilities.
Specific works to be implemented in Rivers State, under this component include rehabilitation and augmentation of water production and treatment systems, rehabilitation and extension of water transmission and distribution networks, and installation of house connections, customer and bulk meters in Obio Akpor Local Government Areas.
In Bauchi State, civil works to be implemented under the component will cover the city of Bauchi and will specifically entail: improvement of the transmission capacity from Gubi Dam Treatment Facilities to guarantee uninterrupted water supply from Bauchi Water Treatment Plan to 22,000 m3 clear water reservoirs, from where water is distributed to the city of Bauchi.
In Ekiti State, the 3rd NUWSRP will support the Ekiti State Water Corporation in improving capacity utilisation, improve distribution network and service coverage expansion in the capital city Ado Ekiti and the nearby University town of Iworoko, entailing rehabilitation of the Ero Water scheme; and relaying of distribution and extension pipelines and construction of reinforced concrete reservoirs.
The second component of the programme with a budget of $55 million, will finance studies, training, goods, emergency and rehabilitation works and services in up to the 12 selected States to provide the basis of reform; including establishment of water policy and law, customers enumeration (cadastre), improving revenue billing and collection, tariff reform, regulatory reform, improving utility financial management and accounting systems, reduction of non-revenue water including supply and installation of macro- and micro metering, implementation of limited emergency works to maintain minimum service standards, and strategic training of the State Water Agency (SWA) staff as well as development of urban water supply master-plans.
The third component of the 3rd NUWSRP will implement institutional reform, capacity building and project management at the federal level and will be finance with a budget of $15 million.

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