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Evicted family in Festac: more revelations unfold

Evicted familyFollowing the recent allegations levied against a Lieutenant-Colonel in the Nigerian Army, by some aggrieved individuals over forceful eviction from a property located at House Number 311, B close, Festac town, Lagos, a counsel to the officer identified as Victor Chinedu, has cleared the air on the allegations.
The counsel who was armed with documents claimed that the officer did not do anything outside the confines of the law insisting that rather, the man who claims to be the authentic owner of the house illegally rented the property to a tenant without the consent of the real owner.  He further claimed that when the issue came before military authorities, they advised that it should be settled amicably or other legal remedies be sought but the reverse turned out to be the case.
He told Crime Alert: “On the 4th of October 2013, an execution was carried out on our client’s property at Festac town at about 7am. We have not done anything outside the confines of the law. The aggrieved woman by name Rachael Nwosu is unknown to us, the person we know as our tenant is Emmanuel Ekanem and he was duly served the application.
“The property in question at no point in time was sold by our client, the ownership is presently before a competent court of jurisdiction that looked into the matter, referred us back to multidor court, which advised us to resolve the matter amicably given the fact the tenant enjoyed a good relationship between himself and our client while it lasted between both parties.   Our client and Emmanuel Ekanem were friends long before he became his tenant. He lived there and paid rents for a long time.
“At no point in time did our client sell the property to Emmanuel Ekanem. He went against the law by renting the property to somebody else. As I speak, the document to that property still belongs to our client.  The offer’ is before a competent court and still under investigation; So we cannot determine the document now. It is only the court that has the power to decide who owns the property.
“What really happened was that our client borrowed the said amount of money from Mr Ekanem on the ground of their relationship. Not long, he was selected to go for an official trip outside the country and Mr Ekanem felt there was no certainty that he would come back alive.  And my client said okay, since you are a tenant in my house, continue to hold on to it, and if I don’t come back, take over the house.
“When my client came back, he called Mr. Ekanem to effect the payment back to him but he declined. Along the line,  Mr. Ekanem wrote series of petitions to the Nigerian Army on ‘threat to life’. At the end of investigations by the Nigerian Army, their response dated 27th July, 2011 directed both parties to explore ways of settling the matter amicably or seek other legal remedies as appropriate.   That was why we went to court.
“I want to firmly state our position concerning the matter, The onus is for Emmanuel Ekanen to respect that the case is in court. I see his conduct is borne out of mischief against the person of our client.   Concerning the threat allegations by Mrs Rachael Nwosu, as far as we are concerned, our client would never at any point reduce himself to that. We advise Mr. Ekanem to decline from his actions,” he stated.
Meanwhile, both parties are still contesting the legality or otherwise of the court papers used in ejecting the aggrieved Mrs. Nwosu and members of her family from the house.

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