Ngige is returning sunlight to Anambra — Moghalu

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Veteran political operative George Moghalu, presently chairman of the Ngige Campaign Organization answers questions on the candidate’s quest and questions around him.

On plans for the election

We are set and are on ground. We have started talking to various interest groups with a view to re-introducing our brand. Our brand is somebody who has been in the terrain. People know about his antecedents. There was sunlight when Ngige was in power. We are going to do that again.

APC being a negative platform
Not at all. How did APC come to be? APC is a merger of existing political parties, with strong individuals identified with it. We did what has never happened before in the political history of Nigeria. In Anambra, about six parties and civil society groups came together to form the APC. Ngige has been in the saddle and Anambra people know what he can do. Its a case of changing a name. It doesn’t affect the chances of the individual being marketed. We are more strong.

Deportation saga as bad omen
Here is a situation where a government has failed in its responsibility and is now trying to blame another. Lagos state had a policy that had to do with removing destitute (persons) from the streets. Igbos happened to be part of these people. They were taken to rehabilitation centres. They were there for over a year. When they felt they were now okay, a correspondence was established between the two states. There was an agreement on the day our own state was supposed to take its own citizens. They failed to come. They told them to bring them to the border. Only for them to come and there was nobody to receive them. They’d to leave them and go.

Destitutes from the streets

The two rehabilitation centres we’ve in Anambra are dilapidated. They’ve totally collapsed. Maybe the officers that brought them dropped them out of anger. Its an election year and everybody needs something to use against the other person. There was a time the Anambra state government removed some destitute from the streets. What did Anambra state government do when Abia state government decided to remove their people from the state civil service?

On Governor Fashola’s apology?
He apologized for the interest of those who misunderstood his action. For me, Fashola displayed the highest level of decency. He’s a decent politician. I expected the apology to have come from our own state which failed in its own responsibility. There are correspondences and I can make them available to you.

Senator Annie Okonkwo allegations that Ngige cannot be trusted
That is his own opinion. I’m working with a man I know can be trusted. The national leadership trusted him enough to have given him the ticket. Don’t forget that he is a former governor and a serving senator. If Annie Okonkwo has any personal issues with Ngige, it is not about us; its about him and it is personal.

New things from Ngige
What Ngige has that they don’t have is that he has done it before. He has a record. Until Ngige came in as governor, we didn’t know that government had money. Ngige demystified godfatherism in Anambra state.

Governor Rochas Okocha’s assertion that Ngige is running against powerful forces in Abuja
PDP government is in Abuja. They’re very desperate to install a governor in Anambra state. If you remember a recent interview granted by some of their leaders, they said Anambra must be taken by force.
Discovery of over 93,000 ghost voters by INEC

If the INEC chairman has come out to say that 93,000 ghost voters have been discovered, it means they’re actually looking into the books. That is what we want.

Governor Obi’s vow that his successor will come from Anambra North as an obstacle to Ngige who is from Anambra Central?

It is not in Obi’s power to determine where the next governor will come from. The political history of our state is such that the issue of zoning has never come to contention. Everybody goes to the primary and if you secure your party’s ticket, you fly the flag. When Obi contested in APGA, was there zoning? Ask him.

Governor Obi’s pledge to conduct Local Government Elections before he leaves?
They’re just being dishonest. Why have they left local government elections for eight years and at the twilight of his administration, he’s talking about local government elections. They’ve fixed dates several times. Monies have been collected from aspirants. I see it more as a business venture. There is no honesty in the whole thing. Now, they’ve moved it to December and I can guarantee you that there will not be any elections.


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