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Police IG in Trouble: N10billion Forced Extortion of Junior Officers, Illegal Transfers of Igbo Officers to North


Inspector General of Police [IGP], M. D. Abubakar.Information available to obtained through competent sources within the police force headquarters in Abuja indicate that all may not be well with the Inspector General of Police [IGP], M. D. Abubakar.
This is as some of the aggrieved police officers sought out our correspondent to share the rot ongoing within the Nigeria Police Force [NPF] Headquarters in Abuja and within the police units across the country. The police force has begun forced extortion of its junior officers of monies in excess of N15billion.
As gathered, eighty [80] police officers of South East extraction stationed in Imo State under the command of Commissioner of Police, Katsina were unceremoniously transferred out to the northern region of the country [Kaduna, Kano, Gombe, Kebbi, etc].
The rank of the transferred officers were said to range from DSP to CSP. The transfers which were announced in an abrupt manner by the Police Commissioner of Imo State struck the other police officers stationed in State with fear and confusion.
Particularly, the sudden transfer of officer to the most unsettled regions of the country – did not unsettle the other police officers – but the refusal for the Police Commissioner and the IGP to refill and/or replace the positions left vacate by the transfer – has brought panic and anger within the police officers in Imo State and at the force headquarters in Abuja. The transfer took affect October 4, 2013.
The illegal mass transfer of Police Officer was reported to follow an odorous order from up the ranks of the Police demanding from all police officers to contribute monies against the Salah festivity to be forwarded to the IGP as Salah gift. Each of the officers were tasked the sum of N16,000 each – to be collected by zonal heads and forwarded to the force headquarters in Abuja for onward delivery to the IGP. A police source who spoke to lamented that the requested for N16,000 is deceptively criminal because "if you refuse to contribute – trouble". He went on to add that "the whole police system is corrupt from head down". He told our correspondent that the request for N16,000 may force the officers to return to the street to collect money from motorists. "The IGP does not need our N16,000. He is more ok than us here", he stated while adding that the IGP told them [officers] to clear the streets and expressway where they normal use to get extra monies to complement their monthly salaries, "but with this Salah demand of N16,000 where will I get it from?" asked the police officer. According to Police officer records, total police office sworn in numbers 371,800 – at N16,000 each – the sum amount exceeds N7.5billion.
It was also learnt that the fermenting situation inside the police reaches beyond the illegal mass transfer of south east officer to volatile areas of the north – and the forced contribution of N16,000 from each police officer for the IGP's Salah gift – it also extends to extortion by use of purchase of Shares as a retirement investment for the police officers.
Our source revealed that two months ago, the police hierarchy – without prior warning – began deducting N5,500 from all the salaries of the Police Officers across the country. Two deductions were made – totaling N11,000. The police officers were not told before-hand of the deductions. Rather, after the two deductions were made – and the police officers reacted – that the administrators offered and explanation to the officers.
They explained that the two deductions were for the purchase of Shares in a firm [name withheld] – and that it will complement the retirement program of each police officer. Our source also revealed that a consulting firm was hired by the police IG to manage the Share Portfolio for the police. He added that the firm, interestingly, is owned by a former AIG. He complained bitterly that no one was given an opportunity to opt in or out of the program. "We became aware of the Shares purchase program after we started seeing N5,500 deductions from our salaries, two times".
A deduction of N11,000 across the board of police officers around the country exceeds sum total of N4billion.
When made efforts to reach the police department both locally in Imo State and nationally at the Police Headquarters in Abuja, it became apparent the police hierarchy were to unsettled by our inquiry. First it was the Police Public Relations Officer [PPRO] in Owerri, Mrs. Joy Elemoko who was contacted via the mobile phone. As she answered, our correspondent inquired whether 80 officers were transferred abruptly, she paused and then refused to answer – requesting/demanding that the source of the information be revealed to her. When our correspondent refused to expose our source, the PPRO suggested we visit the Station for face to face discussion.
We contacted the PPRO, Frank Mba, at the force headquarters, the same scenario played itself out. Frank Mba was contacted through sms messaging. Our correspondent inquired from Frank Mba on the illegal transfer, the forced contribution of N16,000 and the N11,000 deductions – via sms message. He relied indicating that – he would not be able to provide the response through sms messaging. In his words, "will appreciate if we can talk about this tomorrow.
May not be able to do justice to your question via text" [sms was received October 7, 2013, 10:38pm]. About twenty minutes [20minutes] later, Frank Mba sent another sms massage stating, "My brother, you are being fed with white and wicked lies. But just as I told you earlier, I am ready to answer all your questions tomorrow morning between 8:30 and 9am". Our correspondent then requested for an email to send the questions, and Frank Mba relied indicating that all inquiries should be sent to He send the email at October 8, 2013 by 8:44am. Till date, he is yet to respond.

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