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Over 500 Nigerian Criminals in the U.K set for Deportation

Its painful to see how some Nigerians represent us abroad as 534 Nigerian prisoners will come back home to finish up their prison sentences under a deal set to be struck by ministers within a week.
Nigerians account for one in 20 of all foreign prisoners, putting the country fifth in the league table of nations whose citizens have been jailed in the UK.
Justice Minister Mr Wright said "I am clear that more foreign prisoners must serve their sentences in their own countries."
"That is why we are currently working with the Nigerian Government on a compulsory prisoner transfer agreement to increase the number of prisoners who are transferred".
In April Mr Cameron said "When people are sent to prison in the UK we should do everything we can to make sure that if they’re foreign nationals, they are sent back to their country to serve their sentence in a foreign prison".
"And I’m taking action in Government to say look we have strong relationships with all of the countries where these people come from".
I guess this is good cause some of us would get to see our loved ones who have been jailed for a very long time.

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