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Anambra Decide 2013. Thunder and Rain Greets Ngige Campaign.

Chris Ngige Rain and Thunder almost marred the opening of the governorship campaign of Chris Ngige today in the state capital.
The rally was tick with the who-is-who in the All Progressive Party (APC), with their party leader Bola Tinubu, state governors and some members of the National assembly that belongs to the party.

Mr Uchenna Moghalu said that, "our ancestors have informed them how they feel about Ngige and his foreign supporters who has not regard for Ndi-igbo and their interest. The Thunder is a message from 'Amadioha', warning them that we will never forget or forgive the inhuman treatment of APC Lagos Government by deporting our people and branding them mad men and women".

Dr Ngige informed Igbo's that, APGA is not an Igbo party! APC is an Igbo Party. There are no good roads in Anambra. The State University is a glorified secondary school,yet students are charged over a hundred thousand. 
When APC comes to power,we will reduce the tuition fee to ten thousand and fix all bad roads.

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