Even the man of God is not immune

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“The wicked fear the good, because the good are a constant reproach to their consciences. The ungodly like religion in the same way that they like lions, either dead or behind bars; they fear religion when it breaks loose and begins to challenge their consciences.” – Fulton J. Sheen
I am very sure that nothing fazes the Nigerian, he/she innately readjusts his/her shock absorbers and quickly adapts to any situation no matter what.. No shock too big, no tragedy too tragic for his/her state of being.
The Nigerian simply adjusts. He\she shakes off every volley of disaster, disgrace no matter how audacious. It simply rolls off the back of the Nigerian. Not so long ago, there were lines we did not cross as children, adults and as people. Now those lines have either disappeared or have been disregarded all together.
We have no respect for ourselves, each other; we value money more than people; positions and titles more than valour.
We are ruing the day that we cast aside our morals and virtues. We talk religion and piety but we have fallen so short of what is expected of us as individuals and as a nation.
The Anglican Archbishop, Ignatius Kattey, the Dean of the Anglican Communion in Nigeria, has at last been freed by his kidnappers.
Who would have thought of it? The man of the cloth? Yes. But who would have not, after all this is Nigeria where, nothing is out of bounds or out of the ordinary. Kidnapping has become a means of business and after all, they have kidnapped a king, a chief, the poor, the rich and elderly.
This is not normal but, the Nigerian takes it in his\her strides and just adjusts. So, why should he\her bother when it is not happening to him\her but to others.
There lies our problem. We have failed to be our brother’s keepers. We have become selfish,self centred and one dimensional. About time we know we know we are in this together and unless we address this problem collectively,we will all suffer the consequence together. It is OUR PROBLEM. We have to solve it together.
So the Archbishop was kidnapped while on route with his wife in Eleme Local Government Area of Rivers State. And of the kidnapping, the Inspector General of Police, Mr Mohammed Abubakar, and Governor Chibuike Amaechi stated that: “The news came as a shock and,they wondered what was the offence of God’s servant and why Kattey would have been abducted”. Simple. It’s greed and lawlessness. Is that not reason enough?.
That’s reason enough ; because they can and because the environment is morally bankrupt that it breeds calibre misfits and of people that chose this as a means of livelihood.
Even the President waded in while addressing the concerned Anglican clerics that he promised that the government would do all it can to ensure the Cleric’s release.
This is all empty gestures of course. Kidnapping has become a regular occurrence and it happens to ordinary people and does not often get reported.
The buck stops with the present government and those before it and to a large extent;all of us for adjusting our sails and accepting low standard. Our homes, our roads, public places,workplace, streets and country has become unsafe and the government,is not doing anything to make the people feel secure nor safe.
I am very pleased that the Archbishop has at last been released by his captors and I am sure there was a hefty ransom paid.
“Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.” — Confucius
Dishonourable Lawbreakers
“No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care” Theodore Roosevelt
Should we care what our lawmakers do on the floor of the house or should we just chalk it up as one of those things?
One of those things is amounting to a whole lot of something. Last week I wrote that the New PDP is like old wine in the new bottle, the content remains the same. Nothing has changed and the melee in the house has proved that to be the case.
What possess the seven governors of the Abubakar Baraje faction of the People’s Democratic Party to strut into the house? What were they expecting? An applause or a fanfare? That the other equally appalling members will play nice? The fight does not exonerate any of the members of the House,neither the bystanders or the instigators . This is what is so shocking about the so-called lawmakers, we are watching,the young,the old and the impressionable are watching them misbehave like thugs and imbeciles and they reckon it is okay? I do not think so.
The purveyors of disgrace in particular ,are Dagogo Peterside and Henry Ofongo, from Rivers and Bayelsa who, were determined to settle the score and in full view they did just that . If they are been paid the amount of money that we know they say they deserve ; then we need to the think again. Is this what the lawmakers are made of in highest house? Then there is not redemption for the rest of us.
These men and women are to be exemplary of good conducts and they throw punches,swing chairs at one another. I beg to differ. Our senate has definitely gone to the dogs and any lawmaker worth their salt should come forward to denounce and condemn what happened in the house. Our lawmakers are a disgrace to themselves, their family, and their constituents and to Nigerians (home and abroad) in general.
Not long ago,there was a time we held our hollow grounds sacred so behaviours unbecoming and unprofessional was never taken lightly.
So who now metes out punishment to errant and out of control lawmakers? Is there a school of decorum that prospective lawmakers can go to prior to making the grade to stand for representatives or the senate? .
Crucially,can they all undergo independent psychological assessments and testing? Most of the behaviours, manners and utterances of the lawmakers are out the ordinary and one cannot justify their outbursts as it is not in keeping with their positions or as a law abiding citizen.
Anger management should be an ongoing assessment,and should they have violent outbursts or physical altercations then, they should be reassessed and if that fails, they should be suspended, expelled or if they start throwing blows or of the mace then they should face the full weight of the law like everybody else. No one should be above the law. No one.
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