Civilized System and Method to Enforce Road Traffic Laws in Nigeria

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No, I am not trying to draft a patent. I merely want to share the comment I made on another thread where we were discussing the menace of LASTMA, EDSMA and all those MA's that have made life hellish for Nigerian road users.

Let us look at the power of modern technology like DNA (Biometrics), Cameras and Records. Case on point: Rivers State House Fiasco. If not for the cameras, it would have been the word or one liar against another liar, with their Bishops coming to testify as to the honesty of each liar.

So we need a neutral arbiter: technology.

1. The government must keep accurate records of the residency of the citizens and residents. (Biometrics Information Management)

2. The government must mark the streets properly to areas where certain conduct violate the rules. (Constitutional Notice and Access to justice Information Management)

3. The government must instal dash-cam on the patrol vehicles of law enforcement personal and any allegation of violation MUST be collaborated by dash-com evidence. (Networked Technology and Information Management, Judicial Access and Fair Hearing)

4. Issuing Citation must not take more than 30 minutes and payment into the court must not exceed 30 days. (Access to Justice and Fair Hearing)

5. After 30 days, the fine doubles, and the court automatically issued bench warrant and forfeiture. (Punitive damaged for scofflaws)

6. Every law enforcement officer in the state gets notice of the warrant in his or her cell phone. (Networked Law Enforcement and Speedy Administration of Justice)

7. No begging. Enforce the law. (Civic Responsibility and Constitutional Equality before the law)

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