I have found another missing Rib -Pastor Anslem Madubuko, Founder of Revival Assembly

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Last year, Pastor Anslem Madubuko, founder of Revival Assembly, Ikeja, Lagos, lost his wife, Connie, who slumped and died. Then, he had said that life was not easy.

“Life has not been easy for me since the death of my wife. My life has been on pause,” he stated.

However, there’s good news from Madubuko. He has found another life and, according to him, “I thank God, who is about to bring me back to life by giving me another wife.”

Madubuko’s new wife is a gospel artiste from Kenya. Their traditional and church weddings are billed for this weekend.

The pastor, who has been in the ministry for 23 years, went into full time ministry at the age of 33, abandoning his profession as an architect. He hails from Anambra State and is a graduate of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN).

You are about to enter another phase of life, with the coming wedding. How do you feel?

I am expectant and excited. I feel like a young boy. I thank God for He is a God of a second chance. To be honest, I feel like I am alive again.

Who is you new wife?

Her name is Emmy Kosgie. She is a gospel music artiste and a Kenyan.

When and how did you meet her?

I met her in one of my trips abroad. We were both invited as guest ministers in an event. I was to minister as a preacher, while she as a music minister. When she ministered, I liked her spirit. I said to myself that this girl has a good spirit. Later, I invited her, as one of the guest artistes to perform in Azusa and to the glory of God, she was a hit.  People loved her and her kind of music. So from there, we became friends. I never knew things would turn out this way. I mean that I never knew my wife would pass and I will, one day, propose to her, which I have done. She has a clean and good spirit. Her nature, views, music and everything impressed me. People think I had something with her before, but I didn’t.  If I did, I won’t be marrying her. She is morally strong. Her father is a bishop and she has been into evangelism since as a little girl, following her father to crusades. So she has strong bible principles. Many pastors have come to pray and agree with me.

So she was your friend even while your wife was alive?

We were just friends. I never had anything to do with her.

When your wife passed on, did your friendship with her become intimate?

No! It was still casual. Moreover, I did not know she is going to be the one.

Did women, especially those in your church, flaunt themselves around you or play some cards to be chosen?

Good question indeed. I made it clear to them that I was not going to marry from my church because, they are my children and that a father cannot marry his daughter unless they call me daddy for nothing. So, they knew that it would never be any of them and based on that, there was no flaunting or playing of any card.

Having made your choice known to them, what is the reaction of your female worshippers?

I have told you that they are comfortable with my choice and they are happy for me.

It is shocking and surprising that you are remarrying, considering the fact that it is barely a year since your wife died. Don’t you think so?

That is part of our religious problem and sentiments.  I don’t know where it is stated in the Bible the number of years one should wait. So I rather marry than fall into sin. I know too well that even in 10 years, I cannot forget my late wife; so I just have to move on with my life.  My life has been on hold since her demise. It has not been easy for me at all and considering my status, I cannot just go out to hang out with friends or date. So it is better for me to just settle down legally.

In this part of the world, men find it easier to re-marry after the death of their wives. Do you think if you were the one who passed on, that your late wife would have remarried just after a year?

I don’t know. Therefore, I cannot speak for her.

You said that you vowed  not marrying a wife for the church. What do you mean by that?

I am marrying a wife that will look after me and not a woman to pastor the church. My late wife was with the church, but this one will not be. I travel a lot because God has called me to an international ministry, so I will take her along wherever I go.  So, I am making it clear now that she will be with me and not involve in church affairs.

How are your children, church members and everyone close to you reacting to this development?

Most of the people close to me were the ones that recommended her to me, from my children to the church. It was something made in heaven. God has given her to me. When my late wife passed, I prayed to God that I couldn’t choose. Where would I start from? Divorced, widow, young, old, white or black? I was confused, knowing I could pick the wrong person; so I prayed that the Lord, in His infinite mercies, should help me and I thank God He did. It was clear to me this was going to be my wife. I never had a second thought.

So how did you propose to her?

I proposed to her over the phone.

Did she accept immediately?

Her word immediately was, no way! She said it was not possible because she did not measure up to me. She went on to say that she looks up to me as someone up there, someone she can go to, but not a husband. Moreso, she told me that marrying her is like bringing me down and she would not want that.  But I told her that it was the will of God. I told her to pray about it and I like the way she refused until she prayed.  I like her as a person and I found out that God put love for her in my heart. I didn’t know until now. Even before I proposed to her, I called my kids separately and it was my son that even pointed my direction towards her. He told me more about her, saying: ‘Emmy has a pure spirit and I think she is someone you should marry.’

How old is your son?

He is 25 years old. After that, I called my two daughters and they both love her, saying that they can’t imagine she would be their step mum. They approved and told me to go ahead to propose to her.  I did not stop there. I called my elder sister, who is like a mother to me. She commended her too and said she love her music. There was nobody that spoke negatively about her, everybody approved, my family, church members and friends. Everybody was excited and happy about the choice and that is how I know that it is the Will of God.

Pastor Taiwo  Odukoya re-married from South Africa and now you are going to Kenya. Is it a trend?

It is not a trend. I told you that I prayed to God to give me a wife. I didn’t specify whether a Nigerian or not. I left it in God’s hand.  I never thought about it because of the stress, logistics and travelling hazards. So, I never thought about that and if I were to choose, I would choose someone convenient but God choose for me and I will obey.

Would you want her to have children for you since you have three?

I love kids, love to carry them and I love their cry. When my late wife was alive, we were thinking of adopting because, our kids were grown up, but God now will give me another opportunity to have my own kids. I am excited.

Like how many are you expecting?

I am expecting like one or two.

What would you say about Kenya culture?

Their culture and tradition are strong and deep. I respect it.

Are her parents alive?

Yes, her father is a bishop and her mother, a pastor. They are very much alive. She is the second child in a family of four. They are great people, yet a humble family. They are all excited and looking forward to it.

No marriage is perfect, so how would you manage the trial periods?

Well, I have experience, so I would say that Emmy is lucky that she is marrying an experienced, quiet and simple man who does not want trouble or stress and would not give her either. God is great

When is the marriage coming up?

The traditional marriage is on August 29, while the wedding is on August 31, in Kenya. Then here at Revival Assembly on September 15, there will be a thanksgiving service to celebrate with my people. We are going to have Frank Edwards, Midnight Crew, Iroko and other guest artistes in the house to celebrate with us. I am inviting everyone to come.

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