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Empowered women are the best – Bee Azubike

Bee Azubike started out as an entertainment  writer but presently works as a PR consultant and freelance writer.  As a child, she spent a lot of time drawing and even though that talent is gone, she’s still an avid lover of the arts and is currently on the team of the monthly performing arts event, TARUWA. Bee is crazy about her creator; the Almighty God. She is presently lost in Nora Ephron’s world, through the book ‘I Feel Bad About My Neck’.
In this interview, she talks about her inspiration, writing as a career, the challenges of being a female PR person, her work with J’odie in her hit song ‘Kuchi Kuchi’ and business in general.
I have always loved writing as I was an entertainment staff writer with an entertainment oufit which has a print publication. I did not leave writing because l still  write press releases for clients, website content, press features and basically everything that your client wants you to communicate.  I would say that I went deeper into writing. I have  always been passionate about positive projects.
I am a very passionate person and see myself as a ‘goal-keeper’, helping people achieve their goals. Whenever I am approached with an idea or vision, I run with it  like it’s my mine, so long as I believe in it. So that’s what inspires me; the desire to see positive projects and big dreams become reality. I believe in what Daniel Boorstin said, he was an American historian(1914- 2004); he said that “Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some hire public relations officers.”
I learnt a long time ago that real leaders are the ones who serve, so I am the sort of person who inspite of owning a company, would literally take off my suit and get my hands in mud to achieve a goal. A client once said to me “oh my God  Bee, you’re so much more than public relations”, so the Goal-keeper tag stems from realizing that I always set out to handle PR for clients but end up doing much more; this was how my outfit ‘The GoalKeeper Company’ came to be. We say ‘what are your goals? Tell us, we keep you scoring!’
There are quite a number of challenges, but I will say that the biggest is funding. There are so many things you want to achieve as a PR person; so many ideas you have for clients, but there’s only so much you can do without a budget. Something else that bothers me, especially because I work with the media a lot, is their very unprofessional approach.
I really wish that the media could understand their role as influencers and be more passionate about their jobs instead of being  money-driven.
What can I say? Challenge is a key concept in my field, and it’s helped achieve a lot in the projects I’ve been involved  in. Passion and creativity also does wonders, plus I am a God-lover, so I put Him first in every job I handle. He has never failed me.
I honestly do not think that being female affects much in public relations; what matters most in this field are relationships, drive, communication skills and favour. I believe that sexual advances will always be made no matter what field you find yourself, but how you dress, speak and comport yourself determines how you are perceived and treated.
JODIE’s ‘Kuchi Kuchi’
Working with Miss Joy Odiete(JODIE)was a great experience. We worked as family and nothing beats that teamwork and relationship. What I saw was a really talented young lady with a vision, so I ran with that. Of course, the media was really helpful, and God as well, as it was apparent His grace and favour was with us the whole time.
We are planning a regional relevance and global significance. I have great plans. Sometimes my dreams scare me [laughs]. I cannot really talk about these plans yet, all I can say is there’s a lot going on in the works.  I don’t work with musicians alone; I’ve worked with children’s brand, a production company, theatre productions, and other projects. In fact, I’m not limited to PR as I’m also into TV production as well writing, editing and general content provision.
My biggest advice to female entrepreneurs is “We are not the weaker sex, so don’t believe that! We are strong and created to be the support system. Don’t let yourself be seen as a sex object, you are way bigger than that. Define your goals; Aim, Shoot, and then Score!’ I see myself as a successful woman; one with a sound spiritual life, excelling in career, running a flourishing home, and being a blessing to this generation through ground-breaking projects.

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