Open letter to Senator Ibikunle Amosun

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My dear Senator Ibikunle Amosun, let me start by apologizing for using an open medium to reach you. I was left with no other option as I know that it may be difficult to reach you personally at your Oke- osan office. I only have to come through this means, hoping strongly that this piece will come to your

attention, maybe from one of your numerous online apologist.
This letter was conditioned by recent political event in Ogun, especially the launching of our newly formed party All Progressive Congress (A.P.C). But before I continue, let me make it very clear that I am an Omoluabi and a progressive to the core. Infact, I voted for A.C.N during the last election. So that this letter is not seen as an attack on your excellency.

Sir, It is important that there should be a holistic review of the recent launching of A.P.C in ogun. A review that should be done by non-members of your cabinet who can be able to look straight into your eyes and tell the truth about why people turn up so badly at the event to the extent that you have been ridiculously portrayed as a lone-ranger in the event of things.


Hmmmmm; "Ti Olowo ba te, Ohun na ya alaseju ni O". Your Excellency, the crux of the matter is that the absence of major stakeholder of our great party at the launching yesterday sent an unpalatable signal to the people.

Particularly the conspicuous absence of Akinrogun Olusegun Osoba who is believed to
be the number one leader of the party in Ogun State.

Where were Senator Obadara, Senator Kaka and Senator Akin Odunsi ?

Where was Hon. Akinlade Abiodun and other members of the House of Representatives Abuja ?

Where were your own State House of Assembly Members and some Council Chairmen?

Where were members of the party believed to be loyal to former governor Osoba and members of the 'Imole de' group or was the event meant to be a SIACO affair ?
How come the turn out was so poor in spite of the massive propaganda and tax payers money lavished on this needless event?

Please permit me to honestly say that your have not proved to the people that you are a good manager of men and take note sir that it takes courage to speak up like I am doing but I believe it will take even more courage on your part to also sit down and listen.

Sir, the Idea of blackmailing everyone who holds a view opposing to yours as an enemy should stop.

If we are indeed in a democracy, why should people with same ambition as yours (guber) be frustrated to the grave just to make them drop their ambitions?

I am aware that one of your "Commissioner" who have been offered the ticket to run as the guber candidate for the Accord Party is currently serving severe punishment for that singular act and yet, this man had already tender his resignation but you have refused to let him go.

Just how far can you go in this manner ? I ask !

Well, On the final note, Your Excellency sir, I see danger lurking around the corner (for the party) by 2015 because if yesterday was a litmus test of what is to happen in the next election then your guess is as good as mine. I believe all I have mentioned above show the general pulse of the people.
Thanks for reading my piece.

And I am Oyedokun Julius Babatunde

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