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Since the amalgamation of Nigeria in the year 1914 by Fredrick Lord Lugard, the country which was thought to be and is still expressed as an integrated nation, but in reality, has not lived up to its expectation as an undivided nation. With a country encompassed, encircled, buried and swallowed up with tribalism, favoritism, religious bigotry, hatred, oppression, complicity, double-crossing, discrimination, ethnicity and so many endless problems, disunity remains the order of the day amongst the masses.

Irrespective of our ethics, culture and religious practices, the Nigerian citizens are still overwhelmed and gripped with an unequal and biased nature. A famous Nigerian quote which states “One Nigeria, One Nation” still cannot justify the intensifying, unending and enraging act of inequality in the hearts of Nigerian citizens.

Even when people who share the same thoughts, ideas and goal come together, we must ask questions. What is truly their main purpose? What are they trying to achieve at the end? Will it be for the good of all? Will it solidify peace in the society or will it pose a threat to people? Thus, unity remains controversial and questionable.

Now, an arguable question can be asked, how can unity be achieved in this country? If only our beloved and dear citizens could embrace equality, peace, humility, passion, self-control, moral conduct, respect for each other, and put aside our sentimental, tribal and religious differences, we could be on a closer step to a long desired and craving voyage to an egalitarian and a united country.

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