Nigeria: No To Gay Diplomats

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THE federal government has responded with near adequate conviction, the pressure by Western countries to impose the perverted culture of legalising homosexual lifestyles in Nigeria.

The two arms of the National Assembly have taken uncompromising stands, making a law prescribing a fourteen-year jail term for people caught, tried and sentenced for practising homosexual acts in Nigeria. Our President, Dr Goodluck Jonathan, has also made it clear that he would align with the feelings of the Nigerian people and its supreme legislature in ensuring that the law is implemented.

We are, however, worried at the half-heartedness with which the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is handling the matter. The Minister, Ambassador Olugbenga Ashiru, while recently re-iterating Nigeria’s decision not to succumb to pressures from the West on this vexatious issue, however opened some windows of possibility and prospects for homosexuality in Nigeria.

First, he begged the West to be patient with Nigeria and allow this lifestyle to take root here and be accepted by the Nigerian people before it would be given a free rein. Second, he conceded that Nigeria would accept gay diplomats to serve in this country.

Our rejection of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) nonsense is total and unequivocal. It is rooted in our cultural, religious and social values as a people. It is taboo, abominable and repulsive. Therefore, we cannot afford to allow the moral fabric of our society to be so degraded by foreign cultures and pressures as to allow these evil acts to become acceptable here some time in the future.

We must also not allow countries that have accepted them to export their gay citizens to Nigeria and use their diplomatic cover to practise it here.

Since our people have chosen to shun gay lifestyle here, we must be uncompromising about it because the reasons adduced are cogent. Homosexualism is a virus that degrades the family and its values, corrupts human cohabitation and offends God. It eventually leads to social decline.

We are a country on the rise to our manifest destiny as Africa’s example to the world. We must get there with our values intact as every great society attempts to do.

The West will never allow a person who is a confirmed paedophile, for example, to work in their country even as a diplomat. If the West cannot be allowed to send such perverts to Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia and Iran, why should they be allowed here?

We say no to gay diplomats in Nigeria. Part of the screening we must conduct before accrediting diplomats to represent their countries here should include checking their sexuality record. We say no, and we mean no!

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