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Middle East

Iran Mocks US With Toy Drone

The Iranian government, which captured a U.S. stealth drone in December, has agreed to give the top-secret spy craft back, but with a catch. Instead of the original RQ-170 Sentinel drone, the Islamic Republic said Tuesday that it will send President Obama a tiny toy replica of the plane. Iranian state radio said that the […]

Middle East

Foreign policy: Despite US pressure, Islamabad backs Qaddafi

ISLAMABAD: While the US pressurises Pakistan to recognise the Libyan rebels-led Transitional International Council (TIC), the Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi is seeking Islamabad’s assistance to overcome the challenges his authority faces in Tripoli. A senior official of the Libyan ministry of foreign affairs is due to arrive in Islamabad on July 27 with a special […]