Flight diverts to Phoenix for unruly passenger

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PHOENIX — An American Airlines flight diverted its course and landed at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport on Thursday because of an unruly passenger, according to the Phoenix Police Department.
A police statement issued Friday said a 21-year-old man began to act erratically on a flight traveling from Los Angeles to Miami, which prompted the flight crew to divert the plane from its course and make an unscheduled landing in Phoenix.
Police stationed at the airport were notified about the flight at 12:30 p.m. MST and boarded the plane after it had safely landed, the statement says.
A passenger on the plane posted video of the incident to YouTube. In the clip, the man could be heard making loud noises and resisting police as multiple officers forced him out from the back of the plane.
Once the man was removed from the flight, the plane continued to Miami.
Based on observations from authorities and the flight crew, the 21-year-old was taken to a hospital for medical attention.
It was unknown whether the man's erratic behavior was drug-induced, the statement says.
The man's identity was not released, as he was not booked into jail, according to the statement.
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