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Codewit to launch new biographical website for influential Nigerians

Thanks for reading and sharing your articles with us. As you may well know that our network has been a buffalo soldier trying to make sure that African continent is fairly represented in the western media. It  is no longer news that the mere mention of Africa in most western media evokes pity, poverty, corruption and everything evil. Thereby making Africa , a single country with a single story of  troubles and humiliation. No wonder the fact like Equatorial Guinea is technically richer than USA never makes it to mainstream media. Philiph Emegwali, the father of internet never received mainstream media attention as it would have been if he is not African. Dr Ngozi Iweala and Wangari Maathai never appeared among the influential  women of 2009 etc.. Not a surprise. but we should not complain any more. Instead we must start right away to  tell our own stories.

To start telling our own stories and counter the western mainstream media bias propaganda ( will be launching a new website ( ) a  public channel where we must tell and celebrate our success stories. To make  it a fully interactive site, we are therefore inviting all members of Codewit Global Network to support this initiative by submitting articles, personal stories , biographies,  images and videos of  people, places, achievers, our celebrity, musicians, activist and other thing that; otherwise  reflects the good side of Africa .

The intended site will specifically be focusing on great things that are happening in different countries across the African continent, showcasing our great men and women .  we will be taking into consideration the fact that mainstream media ignores such news believing that you only want to see bad news. To counter such myopic view, let us work together  now to rebuild the image of Africa,  We  shall  then see whether it’s true that good news doesn’t interests you.

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