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From the Editor’s Desk -Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi

It is with immense joy and a great sense of pride that we welcome you to our website. Codewit News brings you closer on what’s happening in the world. Delivering daily round-up of the latest breaking news stories, information, online news service, high-profile global cases and current stories as they unfold.

Freedom of information and speech is a legitimate and absolute human right, so we are proud of unveiling all the Worldwide News and particularly Nigerian and African News as they happen without the filter of mainstream media or politicains!

Hoping that we will be a beacon of light illuminating the continent and the people of Africa, Therefore, we are constantly mobilizing authors and writers from all over the world; challenging them to use the power of their pen and support of our technology to spread out innovative ideas while making the news.

Codewit News is different from many other News site on the Net. Not only will you learn about African success stories and problems. We also use this medium to share the struggle of our continent and communicate our ideology to African elites as we strongly believe that as big as African problems are, that the only true solution must come from Africans. Therefore, our team needs you to form a great coalition in order to solve our African problems.

Moreover, you will also learn about practical, productive ways you can improve your life on our site. And YOU are an important part of all this. Send your feedback so you can, in turn, help others. This will give you a way to give back to the community at large and then achieve your own goals. You are going to be able to discover new knowledge, new contacts and build quality relationships as a part of this experience.

The great thing about our site is that it creates so much healthy debate and so much controversy among members and supporters of a given ideology.

Codewit News aims to cover most of the major events in the history and philosophy of Nigeria and African countries. We intend to include both the political and cultural perspectives of these great continent including the biographies of great people unnoticed by the media, but we are aware that there are good stories and worthy men and women that are not present on the site.

So, hop in. Take some time to splash around and enjoy the learning materials available for you in video, audio, downloadable text and more. Don’t see something you want? You can help us to write about it or let us know and we’ll do what we can to get it here for you.

We are unable to write about every great moment. However, we would be delighted if you, as a visitor to this site, should sign up and submit articles. Check if we have missed out your favorite moment in African or Nigerian sports? How we missed out a story about African events and culture? Have we missed out events on the political or economic advancement of your great nation?  What triumphs and tragedies have we not acknowledged on the site that you would now like to put right? The more material that is sent in, the better the site will be, of course!

Thank you for coming over. Stay awhile and enjoy. We look forward to your comments and your articles.

Best wishes
Anthony Claret
Founder and CEO of Codewit Inc

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