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The power of advertising is depicted in the television commercial currently being run to support 3X, the 42.5 cement recently launched by Dangote Cement. The 60-second TVC was conceptualised by 3XM Ideas, owned by award winning creative personality, Steve Baba-Eko, to show consumers’ commitment to quality.
In an attempt to pass the message across without any ambiguity, the creative agency cleverly settled for language and characters that would drive the point home easily in a way that it would connect with all stakeholders.
The commercial shows an established block maker, who has consistently played on the ignorance of his customers to rake in money. He was however shocked when he discovered that he was losing customers following the discovery by the discerning patrons that they had all along been living in fool’s paradise.
As if his workers were waiting for this moment to open up to him, they told him the truth and the current market reality. The big man walked into the factory, stepped on one of his blocks to ascertain its quality. Suddenly, the block broke and he fell down. He started preaching the importance of quality to regain his customers.
In the advertising campaign, Dangote Cement through the creative agency has simply positioned its 42.5R fortified product as the best for the end users who crave for quality.
Before now, what was considered as quality was the mixture where cement overwhelms sand in the product. But the TV commercial highlights quality in cement for building purposes.
In their thinking, whatever features combine to make quality, Dangote Cement commercial is saying that quality cannot be achieved without superior cement. The TV commercial stamps its message with a sense of humour, which is appealing without missing the message.
The beauty of the TV commercia lies in the fact that it is out to educate and sensitize the public about quality and its benefits.
Considering the current situation in the building industry and the campaign against building collapse in the country, the timing of the campaign is strategic.
The campaign also drives home the position of the company on the need for stakeholders to abide by the classification of cement as spelt out by the Standard Organisation of Nigeria (SON).
Dangote Cement recently called for immediate implementation of the new cement standards in the country. The company also said its current production capacity will hit 29 million metric tonnes by August this year with an additional nine million metric tonnes.
The new cement guidelines mandated local manufacturers to incorporate the following information on their bag of cement: CEM I 52.5R and 52.5N for use in the construction of bridges; CEM II 42.5R, 42.5N for use in the casting of columns, beams, slabs, block making; CEM I & II 32.5R, 32.5N for plastering of buildings only.
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