NIGERIA: NAMA Installs Solar Powered Lights at Lagos Airport Runway

The Nigerian Airspace Management Agency (NAMA) has installed solar powered lights at the domestic runway of the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos, known as Runway 18L.
The installation would guarantee uninterrupted light at the runway and would cost less to maintain as the agency intends to extend the project to other airport.
THISDAY learnt that work has already started at the Port Harcourt runway for the solar powered back up light and it would be extended to four other airports.
This is part of the N290 million contract awarded to Stormberg Power Limited by the management of NAMA for the procurement, implementation and commissioning of hybrid power backup solutions in six airports across the country.
The hybrid power is required to ensure uninterrupted power in running the Agency’s navigational aids critical for aircraft landing at the airports.
The project is to ensure greater safety in the Nigerian airspace and the solution consists of solar panels, charge controllers, deep cycle batteries and solar array mounting support.
Others are trunk construction armoured cable accessories, galvanized steel battery racks and pure sine wave inverters.
The solution is always on line, thus in the event of a power failure from the national grid, changeover time to the backup system is in milliseconds and virtually unnoticeable.
The deal with Stormberg Power Solutions also entails the provision of a set of thorough operational guidelines, detailing operational and maintenance guidelines and a step by step scenario and troubleshooting procedure.
With this collaboration, NAMA and Stormberg Power Solutions are geared up to the necessary and significant challenge of improving air travel and safety in the nation’s airspace by rapidly deploying advanced power solutions in the country’s airports.
With the solar power, NAMA would be spending less powering its lighting system and other equipment and airlines and other jet owners would be served better with uninterrupted runway lights.
The agency spends huge resources on fuelling generators that power its essential equipment.

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