Benue Laments Poor Power Supply

Following the recent poor quality of power distribution to residents of Benue State by the Jos Electricity Distribution Company of Nigeria and the inability of the company to effectively repair poles and distribution lines affected by a rain storm after a week, the Benue State government has called for an investigation to ascertain the capability of the company to handle power distribution in the four states it covers.

Making the point to THISDAY yesterday in Makurdi, the Benue State, Deputy Governor, Steven Lawani said the recent privatisation of the power system in the country should have come to fruition with improved power and distribution but however lamented that the situation in the state was worse as the state hardly gets power for up to 30 minutes a day.

"Makurdi and its environ have continued to remain in darkness since the last rain storm and it appears the Jos distribution company is powerless in tackling the situation which has nearly crippled economic activities in the state and it appeared we were doing better with PHCN", he noted.

He called on the Federal Government to investigate if they Jos distribution company has the capacity to handle the distribution of power to its customers, stating that all over the world, when companies are privatised, it is for the purpose of efficiency which the company has failed to do.

The distribution company won the right to distribute electricity to customers in Plateau, Bauchi, Benue and Gombe and has since commenced work; but most customers have not felt the impact of the privatisation in the zone.

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