Experts Advise Youths to Embrace Forex Trading

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Concerned by the high rate of unemployment in the country, Nigerian youths have been advised to embrace forex trading.
The experts, both locally and international made this call at the Forex Expo held in Lagos yesterday. The event brought together representatives of international forex trading firms looking to establish and set up firms in Nigeria.
However, they stressed that forex trading was a risky business, noting that with the right tools and proper education, investors in the market would succeed.
The Chief Executive Officer of Kards Nigeria Limited, Mr. Adekunle Adeyeri, said: “Forex trading and other markets such as metal, energy, futures, options and derivatives are alternative employment opportunity for the teeming Nigeria unemployed youths.
“The catch here is the fact that the market has an unequalled $4 trillion daily turnover. Like I do tell my trainees to look forward to what they intend gaining from such a vast market.”
Adeyeri also pointed out that funding in forex trading would not deter anybody from trading in forex.
“The very first fundamental or basic proponent is sound education of the market, combining skillful technical analysis and broadens fundamental analysis. Better understanding of risk management is also needed.
“The advantage of choosing online forex trading surpasses other choices because it is a business without border. It is of the present digital age, the market offers opportunities 24/7.
“It has been enhanced with mobile trading, earning in hard currency, less cost to set u or entry and yet it remains the most lucrative with less hassles,” he pointed out.
On his part, the organiser of the event and the Director of Savannah Services, Mr. Emeka Omeje, added: “We are gathered here to celebrate the strength of Nigeria’s economy and investment landscape, but furthermore we are here to lay seeds for the future.
“Our aim has always been to act as a bridge between domestic and international participants to share knowledge, expertise and best practices as the market evolve,” he added.
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