Ad Association Decries Loss of LG Revenue to Multinationals

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The Mobile Advertisers Association of Nigeria (MAAoN), Northern chapter, has decried the huge loss of mobile advertisement revenue accruable to Local Government Areas (LGAs) across the country due to mobile tax evasion by multinational companies, majority of who are in the construction sector.
The body said MAAoN in conjunction with local authorities should act fast to block the revenue leakages.
The association’s coordinator, Mr. Samuel Ele-Asebe, made the disclosure recently in Abuja, at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of its members from the northern region. He averred that the Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) of some local government areas would continue to nose-dive if concerted effort is not made to reverse the trend. He accused companies' drivers of being involved in the sabotage act. 
He said: “In fact some aspects of our Constitution don't really address the issues that border on mobile advertisement tax collection in the country, but with this great association on the ground we have been able to make sure that they don't go away with the tax. MAAON is adding value to the local government’s revenue, which helps the local government to budget for the need of its citizens.”
The coordinator however, added that in 2013 for instance, it is difficult to quantify the total amount of revenue generated to the revenue base of all the local governments across the country because of some challenges besetting, adding that MAAON is essentially generating revenue for the various local governments across the country which goes into the pool of the Council’s coffers.
On its modus operandi, he added: “We are tax consultants to the 774 LGAs. We have over 40,000 youths as members across the country. What we are doing here today is the annual meeting that prepares us for next year's operations which begins from January 2014. We are all revenue consultants to various local governments.
According to him companies and individuals doing businesses using the different brands of vehicles are expected to remit a small percentage of their revenue to the local government coffers part, adding that these include the inscription of companies logo, sign and advertisement on their operational vehicles like pick up vans, trucks etc.
As consultants therefore, he said: “We also regulate and fight against multiple taxation, especially the ones illegally imposed on the people, we control the system and also fight against multiple taxation.”
The purpose of its meeting, he added, is to discuss some of the challenges facing its 2013 operations and also begin to prepare for 2014 activities. “We try to proffer solutions to all these challenges besetting us especially in terms of the issue of multiple taxation. Also too we are here to address some of the grey areas and to also address the over zealousness of some of our members who go the extra mile to do what is outside our mandate because some of our members can actually go outside of our schedule.
“So in this kind of meeting it is a forum where some of those grey areas are addressed. So members are put in check so the rules and laws of the association are not flouted.” he said.
On revenue loss, he said there are leakages in revenue in the form of tax which is essentially a revenue component of money for the local governments all over the federation.
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