Nigeria: European Investors Urged to Consider Opportunities in Nigeria

Nigeria’s federal government this week in London, UK, went into an investment overdrive, with Vice President Goodluck Jonathan leading the charge

At a special Conference on Investing in Nigeria convened in the UK capital on Wednesday, Dr Jonathan advertised the investment potentials of Nigeria, pointing out that those currently not doing business in the country were missing out on the massive opportunities Nigeria has to offer.

The vice president in no uncertain terms underlined the federal government’s determination to improve Nigeria’s economic environment, which he said, has led to the introduction of many new incentives to attract more investors to the country in order to achieve Vision 2020.

He announced that the federal government has put in place measures and policies to ensure that Nigeria becomes a key economic player and the financial hub of Africa by the year 2020.

According to the VP, the country has taken giant strides in the war against corruption and rebuilding the nation’s human capacity to support a modern economy.

Apart from instituting an investor friendly visa regime, he said, the federal government is taking measures to rebuild, overhaul and improve infrastructure, particularly power supply and transportation, reduce the cost of doing business in the country and strengthening the enforcement of law and order to tackle security challenges.

His words: “We are taking drastic measures to rebuild, overhaul and considerably improve power supply and transportation in order to increase the efficiency of our national economy and decrease the cost of doing business in our country. To achieve quick and sustainable results, we are among other measures privatising power and transport infrastructure. Furthermore, we are doing everything possible to strengthen the enforcement of law and order as well as tackle the security challenges of the Niger Delta”.

Dr Jonathan, however, pointed out that many members of the international investing public are still ignorant of the investment opportunities in Nigeria and what the country has to offer in terms of untapped potentials and attractive returns on investment.



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