Inside Lagos Nude Clubs

nude clubeswhere young attractive girls bare it all every night of the week. The four nude clubs are Wallstreet, Club Unique, Magic City and Cazzbah. Wallstreet is located at 70B Allen Avenue while Club Uniquen is on Ogundana Street off Allen Avenue. Magic City formerly Ocean Blue, is adjacent to Sweet Sensation Bus Stop Opebi and Cazzbah is adjacent to Opebi Bus Stop.

On Fridays and Saturdays of every week, these four exclusive adult spots are filled to capacity with Magic City drawing the biggest crowd because of the ingenuity of the owners especially on Fridays, where sex is practiced on stage by two female dancers who use artificial sex organs to entertain the faithful crowd. Apart from Cazzbah, where the gate fee is N2000 everyday of the week, in the other places, it is N1000 between Sunday and Thursday and N2000 on Fridays and Saturdays.

The daily show usually starts at about 8 O’clock and gets to its crescendo around 11 pm when the hall is filled to the brim. The belly dancers cover their bodies with only panties and gradually undress as they dance around a pole until they are stark naked, to the delight of the patrons who show appreciation by throwing money at them. The more money is thrown, the more the exotic dancers display. The halls are generally filled with men and some ladies who come either with other men or with fellow ladies to enjoy the show.

A patron can request for a lap dance and pay only N1000. The exotic dancer then sits on his lap, touching him and dancing with the ultimate motive of creating arousal. There are also cabins and VIP rooms where a patron can decide to go a step further with the girl. It costs between N12, 000 and N20, 000 with the dancer collecting 60 percent of the money and 40 percent going to the management. A cabin is a very small room with one chair where the patron sits and the VIP has a large bed, a TV room, a toilet and some condoms. At the VIP room and cabin, phone numbers can be exchanged for further interactions.

The exotic dancers are usually between the ages of 18 and 25. Usually tall and light in complexion, they give only their sobriquets. They easily take other ladies to the cabin or the VIP if they can pay. It is the same price for both men and women. The girls resume work at 6 pm. They are free to go wherever they want between 7 am and 6 pm. The drinks and hot meals are usually available and most times, go for between N500 and N10, 000 for the drinks and N1500 to N5000 for the meals. Here, the ladies dance to all kinds of musical rhythms.

At Magic City and Wallstreet, adult movies are shown on displayed screens while the ladies are dancing. The show usually ends at about 5 o’clock the next day. Ocean Blue, now Magic City, was shut down last year by the Lagos State Government which claimed that the management of the club was not given a licence to operate a strip club, but the club has now reopened and changed its name and is operating unchallenged by the state government.

Codewit new learnt that at Oba Akran, there is a new nude club that opened two weeks ago and is drawing dancers from Wallstreet. In other parts of Ikeja, Victoria Island and Ikoyi, there are several similar clubs which attract mainly young girls in search of money. University students are also among them. As poverty bites harder, more girls, some underage, join the mad dance for easy money. “If I see a better job, I will leave this one, I need money, I have to raise money to go back to school,” one of the dancers told Codewit News.

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