A Mother Posted These Images Online For Fun, Spark Anger Among Netizens

I know being a parent is a hard and tough job. I admit, I had a lot of fail moments while guiding my children but I never mistreated them by any means.

Whenever I see a child being abused, it really breaks my heart. As a parent, you want to give the best to your child not treat them like animals…

The caption says. “Bago ko pa lang alaga aso hahaha…lakas tawa ng anak ko sunud-sunuran nman…#dami kong tawa d2 grabe…”
Rough translation: “Meet my new pet puppy hahaha…my son is crazy obeys whatever I told him to do…just give me a big laugh…”

The photos went viral on Facebook and one Facebook page encouraging the netizens to help spread the image and punish the woman for treating her son like an animal and posting it on the web just for fun. Obviously the photo garnered negative feedbacks towards the behavior of the mother.

Having fun with your little ones is good, but let us not cross the line and do unpleasant stuff like this. We can have a bond with our kids in a nice and special way but treating your child like a dog is honestly a sore to the eye.

We don’t really know the story behind these photos, but for whatever reasons, what the mother did is certainly not right. We should have known the difference between “fun” and “abuse.”

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