14 Year Old Was Forced To Get Pregnant By Her Mother…Her reason…?

We’ve all heard stories about good parents who are doing their very best to provide for the necessities of their children.

It is admirable how these fathers and mothers sacrificing to work really hard, even at the point of juggling several jobs at the same time, in order to sustain their families’ needs. For most of them, their children serve as their main source of inspiration. These parents are simply heroes in every sense of the word!

And then you hear about parents like this one – disgusting parents who push their kids to do bad things and ruin their future.

This recently-viral news tells us the story of a mother who wanted her teen daughter to get pregnant because she already wanted to have her own grandchild. That’s a pretty shocking reason right there!

According to the daughter, she was merely 14 years old when her mother started injecting sperm cells to her to achieve the purpose.

This is disturbing and sad at the same time. How could be a mother be so selfish and heartless?

Fortunately, the hospital staff later found out about the situation and immediately alerted the authorities. The mother is currently serving a 5-year term in jail.

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