10 Strangest Creatures We Bet You Didn’t Know Existed (PHOTOS)

10 Strangest Creatures We Bet You Didn’t Know Existed (PHOTOS)


wonders of creation. We you the photos of 10 strangest creatures, thanks to the courageous and passionate explorers who dig deep to bring us these awe inspiring photos.
Be warned that some of the photos could be scare or unsettling.


The Blue Parrot Fish
Not only is it hard to believe that the blue parrot fish exists due to its lively appearance and color, but 
it’s also hard to believe that people eat it and it’s even considered a delicacy in some countries. 
The amazing bright color of this strange creature really makes it stand out and the name makes 
you wonder where it originated from.


The Bush Viper
This snake has a truly strange appearance. It allows itself to blend into its surroundings in order to 
disguise itself from predators. A bite from the bush viper snake can be deadly to humans, so this 
isn’t a snake that you would want to keep as a pet.


This creature truly is what nightmares are made of. Looking like a giant woodlouse, this isopod lives 
deep in the sea and is thought to be one of the largest isopods in existence. The giant isopod surely
has earned its name as one of the strangest creatures.


Glaucus Atlanticus
This amazingly brightly colored creature surely is stunning to look at. Being a species of the blue sea 
slug, what it lacks in size makes up for in appearance. It is such a strange creature that you wouldn’t
even know it really existed.


The Axolotl is a strange yet adorable creature to look at, with what looks like a permanent smile on their face. With hair/ feather like strands around their face, they are commonly used in scientific research due to 
their ability to regenerate body parts such as limbs.


The Pygmy Marmoset

Being the smallest monkey and one of the smallest primates in the world, the Pygmy Marmoset 
monkey is possibly one of the cutest, yet strangest, creatures at the same time. With a diet of fruit
 and insects, these monkeys can be hard to observe in the wild due to being so small.


An ordinary crab isn’t the most normal looking creature as it is, so the breed, that is the yeti crab,
 truly is one of the strangest creatures you could come across. Its fury like pincers and color are
 what makes the appearance of this crab intriguing.


Although from the looks of this animal you would think that it is cross between a Horse and a Zebra, or something along those lines, but not quite. The Okapi is actually closely related to the Giraffe family,
 which is what makes this strange animal interesting.


Thorny Dragon
Whilst not actually a dragon, but in fact a lizard, this creature surely is strangely amazing. Not only 
because of its magnificent appearance, but also because of its second head. Not a real head, 
but one that disguises itself as one whilst the actual head will be buried to hide from predators.


Psychrolutes Marcidus
Commonly known as the blob fish, this incredibly strange creature is one that to look at you would 
never believe truly exists. With a completely strange blob like appearance the gelatinous body just 
floats along just above the sea floor without having to waste any energy on actually swimming.

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