Choosing Your Future Wife

The three main ingredients for a successful marriage are, choosing the right mate, taking the decisions together and being completely committed to your better half. Lets discuss the first ingredient from a mans perspective.


Men should understand that getting into a marriage is very similar to signing a long term contract with a client. Like before signing a deal you weigh all the pros and cons, you analyze whether the client will cater to your demands and whether you will be able to fulfill the client’s needs and most importantly you weigh the over all compatibility of several factors and after analyzing everything you come to a decision. Similarly, before getting married you need to weigh your by and large compatibility with the woman you are thinking to get married to.

Here are some points you need to keep in mind while searching for your future partner,

First of all, remember, it is your life which is going to be affected the most so you should be the one to decide what is best for you. Don’t worry too much about others expectations. Keep them in mind but don’t make them dominate your decision. Have faith in your own judgment.

Firstly, Make sure that the woman you are looking for will make a good wife. Remember, Qualities of a good wife are quite different from the qualities of a good girlfriend. If you want your marriage to work, look for a girl who will make a fantastic wife. Being lovers is different but once you are married the whole scenario changes.

Bear in mind, Marriage is about taking decisions “Together”. Both should be ready to give in without any snobbery. Make sure the girl you are looking for is not very head strong. She should be compromising and willing to work as a team.

Also, Make certain that the girl is not a female chauvinist. Such people tend to have an innate hatred for the opposite sex and tend to fight on unreasonable grounds. The girl should understand her role as a woman and should also be ready to do the female tasks. If you are a very ambitious man then don’t marry a career oriented woman. Two ambitious people cannot make a marriage work.

Also keep in mind, the girl you wed should not be shallow and demeaning. Don’t marry someone who keeps nagging you about your looks. It is very humiliating and will also put an inferiority complex in you down the line.

In addition, by no means tie the knot with a person who is either of the two extremes. A nymphomaniac or a saint. She should not be hard to deal with sexually. If you really want a happy marriage make sure you walk down the aisle with someone who has the same values as you. It will cause less conflict later on in life.

I cannot stress this enough, don’t marry a chronic flirt. It can be a serious blow to your self esteem in the long run. Remember, the biggest quality in the partner has to be loyalty. In the end all I can say is that marriage is a life long commitment. Make sure you give it to someone who is worth it.

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