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It’s amazing how many people think that a guy looking for a good woman should do what’s “fair” or what’s socially responsible. It’s each guy’s responsibility to find a woman that’s the best possible choice for HIM. Who will make HIM happy?

This one time, when he’s choosing his future wife, he needs to focus exclusively on his own needs and making sure they are satisfied. Trust me, nobody else in the world, least of all your wife, is worrying about your needs or wants. So you should worry about your own.

And this is the last chance you’ll get. Once you’re actually married, you’ll find that everything about marriage, legal, financial, and emotional, will be about HER and the kids. Your needs will be dead last, or even more likely, not even recognized. You will be just a provider, a mechanic, or whatever type of worker be the woman and children happen to require at the moment. So, take this one chance, to make sure that the woman you are looking for satisfies YOUR needs and wants.
So forget about what’s politically correct or socially responsible. That’s the best thing you can do for yourself, and for your future wife. Look for Wifely Qualities, Not Just Girlfriend Qualities. Women have been encouraged to chase relentlessly after personal fulfillment…being well-educated, physically fit, interesting, and financially secure. All these things are really great, and make for a wife who is nice to be around.  BUT there are a whole other set of qualities that modern women have ignored…and even, avoided. These are the skills and habits that make them a good wife. Of course, many people have this idea…many people think that marriage just “happens” when two people love each other. A happy marriage takes skill.

There are a whole set of attitudes and habits that each partner needs to bring. The “wifely” skills are those that the woman needs to have, or learn quickly, if she’s going to make you happy. In fact, the woman’s “wifely” skills are probably the most important single factor in the success of the marriage. The woman, with her better emotional strength, and her vastly superior ability to track and manage the health of the relationship, is the key to long term success.

Of course, in the past years, women have disavowed those wifely skills, as well as their natural responsibility for the relationship. No wonder that so many marriages are miserable and the rate of divorce is sky-high!

 Practical Tips for Choosing a Good wife:
So here’s a practical tip for all you intrepid wife-hunters. Remember that the qualities that make a woman a good wife may be quite different from those that make her a good girlfriend. As the saying goes “women are great for easy casual sex, but make terrible wives”. Don’t assume that a woman, just because she’s a hot girlfriend, will make a good wife for you. When you’re really (really!) serious about finding a wife and mate, prove your seriousness by changing your aim. Look for a woman who may *not* make a great girlfriend, but *will* make a fantastic wife!

What are good wifey skills?
Cooking, cleaning, mothering, nurturing, wants kids, loves kids, loyal, trustworthy. What is important is that the wife does not have a real negative attitude towards doing those things. Any trace of snobbery at doing traditional female tasks is a bad sign of a princess. Marriage is a case where both partners need to give up something to get something different and greater in return.

If anyone is selfish about the relationship then it won’t work. And a marriage except for a few cases needs someone to be a provider, and someone to be a domestic. No woman with strong feminist leanings will EVER be happy with the breakdown of tasks in the household. They will ALWAYS be preoccupied with fairness and feel they are being taken advantage of. They never realize that a marriage is letting your guard down and mutually trusting the other person

 Basically, marriage doesn’t work all that well when you have two driven, ambitious people.
 – Never marry a woman whose father took off or was abusive to her mother UNLESS she got the right lesson from it … the right lesson being that  responsible men are to be adored and valued and their eccentricities and  (mild, occasional) “irresponsibilities” tolerated. You need to have clear evidence that she took the right lesson — if not, you’re going to have a nightmare marriage dominated by her suspicion, paranoia, and total inability to please.
 – Never marry a woman who, while you are dating, is even SLIGHTLY open to other men’s flirtation, who even occasionally tells you she’s going out clubbing with the girls, who has any significant relationship with an ex (unless you know the ex, are included whenever your girl sees the ex socially, and can personally validate that it is purely “just friends” and trust that with your gut.)
  – Marriageable women are totally loyal and have NO interest whatsoever in any other man or any interest whatsoever in having any other man pay them attention.
 – Never marry a woman who complains about your appearance, or even cares to much about it, Never marry a woman who is sexually demanding in terms of your performance, who withholds sex on a regular basis on the grounds of headache or disinclination, or thinks she has a “right” to anything in particular sexually — who, for example, will refuse you sex or make you keep doing things in bed on the grounds that you didn’t get her off the last time.

Here is one of the most important tips: ignore what women say, and watch what they do. This reminded me of a female co-worker of my friend who used to say she’d never date anyone from work. My friend liked her, so my friend waited till he quits asking her out…whereupon, of course, he discovered she’d been fucking the guy in the cube next to her for months.

In all, if you can pay attention to these tips, I guarantee you that you may not be far from finding your true wife. However, you do not need to think too much. All you need to know about her will be readily visible to you if you are sincere and ready to find your true partner .

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