Relationships between young men and older women

For many years I had believed it was best to stick with woman the exact age as me or a little younger, until two years ago. It was May 2005. Anxious to find “the woman that is right for me,” or “the one,” the moment I felt a friend of mine was perfect for me, I followed the feeling, despite the fact that she was 8 years older than me. Granted, that is an age gap, but my reasoning was that we loved each other and that often women date older men, along with the idea that some areas I was more mature.

The relationship was not as easy as it seemed. Our thinking styles only seemed to match when we both were thinking romantically, and I was constantly commented about by her as being “naive because I am too young.”

The issues were beyond that. She had many personal problems that I may be able to handle if we could relate on more levels. But because she was constantly in disagreement and looking for reasons for me to be against her age, and using my age as a problem (among other things), I have come to believe that if the woman I involve with is older than me, she won’t be much older.. Maybe three years older at maximum.

A woman frequently is looking for security as one of the traits of a man, as well as a man to lead her, protect her, etcetera, etcetera.. If a woman is more experienced in many years, much more than the man, how can the man lead her? How can the man be who she needs? I am having difficulty believing that frequently relationships when the man is much younger will last..

As a Christian, I believe a man should be a leader, as well as respecting his wife and loving her.. But if the woman is very older, she may be the leader, and there may be some role-confusion resulting in disappointment at least on one side.. The woman may feel like she is doing all the work, even if she is not doing much at all. I do not recommend for women to seek younger men unless only one to three years younger, and for men, seeking one to three years older is probably the best. It is important for the couple to relate on many levels, and for the man to be able to be a responsible leader that the woman can feel comfortable with for the rest of her life

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