According to Her all Men Cheat On Women

All men are the same. Don’t ask me who told me to try them all because I didn’t, I only have proof. If u agree 
with me that over 85% of men cheat; then that is a reasonable conclusion which not only backs up the fact that all 
men are the same but further stamps the fact that all men are cheats!
I don’t want to go down memory lane and start bothering you with my sweet bitter experience in my many 
relationships, but since you are reading this I can only conclude that you want to know my story.
I was growing too fat so I registered with a fitness center so as to loose some flesh especially in my tummy area 
that was where I me Benson. Ben is not only handsome but has a body that will make any woman crave to have sex 
with him. I was doing some sit ups when I heard an unfamiliar voice “ you have to stretch to the end and return 
touching your kneels with your fore head if you want to burn that belle fat” I looked up only to see a handsome 
young man looking down at me; it was Ben. He helped me with some more exercise and that was the beginning of our 
friendship. A few days later, Ben asked me out and I accepted.
Ben was great, in fact almost perfect. He has all the qualities you need in a man only that he made strange 
disappearances and would give silly excuses why his phone was off. Initially, I thought he was into some kind of 
criminal business till I discovered he has a good job which pays him very well.
One day with all seriousness I demanded from him where he went to most of the time, but he reassured me that I had 
nothing to worry because his work took him to places. He convinced me further by bringing out a box from his 
breast pocket which contained a diamond ring then he asked the big question “ will you marry me?” that night we 
has the most amazing sex. I was ready to give him a baby even before the wedding so in the height of my 
overflowing emotion, I made sure he came inside me. 

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