Nigeria: The Dead are Crying (Graphic Image)

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Sorry if this picture is disgusting. If you can't help it, try to take your eyes off it but pls read through this piece to the last dot. {May God Bless you as you do so}.

Part of What you are seeing in the picture are the rosted bodies of five of the 2012 Batch A Corps Members that had accident three weeks ago, on their way to Taraba State Orientation camp at Ilesa/Akure Exp
— with Muyiwa Oyedokun and 49 others.ress way. The spirits of these unfortunate corps members are calling for attention, unfortunately our government turned deaf ear to the agony of these lost souls.

10 Corps Members posted to Taraba State were in the bus, 5 were burnt to dealt while 5 sustained serious injury and presently hospitalised. The dead have been given a mass burial by the FRSC.
I am sure you may be thinking that NYSC or Govt is taking responsibility showing care for the dead and those in hospital. If you share that thought….you are wrong.

I visited one of them at Wesley Hospital, Ilesa, Osun State over the weekend and my heart bleeds for the Nigeria. Our governments are responsibly irresponsible.
These guys are abandoned there at the hospital. The hospital, despite being a federal hospital, the parents are made to bear the huge medical expenses.

For your information, the accident was caused by FRSC officers (Osun Command) pursuing an Okada man who ran into the express way and caused commotion.

Neither the NYSC nor the FRSC is showing concern for the treatment of these guys. The parents were left to bear their cross. Nobody cares to know if the guys in hospital are still alive or not. I was told an NYSC official came from Taraba when it happened and promised to get back, but ever since (three weeks now), no one hears from either Taraba NYSC or Osun NYSC which is the closest NYSC agent to where they are hospitailised.

Just imagine the agony and trauma in the homes of the dead ones……
The pains of the guys in hospital…..
The emotional shock by these parents……

Are you thinking what I am thinking?
An injustice to one, is an injustice to all.
We must not leave these parents to suffer in vain.
These are fresh graduates going for National Youth Service
These are parents once happy their children were going to service their father land.

Do they deserve the neglect by the government?
If your answer is NO…..
If you are feeling what I am feeling…..
Then join your voice with mine to speak for the voiceless

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Lets circulate this testimony of our government act of irresponsibilty;
Lets cause them to stand up for their responsibility.
Pls help to spread this,
and if you need detail information to take direct action on this, kindly inbox me.

Thank you.

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