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NIGERIA: Missing Toddlers Found Dead After 39 days

ToddlersThe two toddlers in Ketu, Lagos State, who were declared missing on January 25, 2013 have been found dead in an abandoned vehicle on the premises of a building next to theirs on Taike Street. had on January 30, 2013, reported story of the kids – Toheeb Adedokun (three) and Tajudeen Falilu ( three).

The family as well as the police had suspected that they were kidnapped before the discovery of their remains on Monday.

The vehicle in which the children were found was a Honda Pilot Sports Utility Vehicle, which was used as collateral.

According to a police theory, the children went into the vehicle but were trapped inside, causing them to suffocate.

The tragic news, however, did not go down well with residents of the street as they alleged foul play.

The occupants of the house where the corpses were found had fled for fear of being attacked.

Some residents told Codewit that the occupants of the building had a case to answer.

One of them , who identified herself as Iya Basira said, “How could two corpses be in a compound for over a month and no one smelt any odour?

“We looked for these children for weeks and even the occupants of that building were aware that the children were missing.”

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