Slumbering Africans wake up!

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The Millennium Alarm

This essay is an awakening call to all Africans and friends of Africa. It is summoning Africans to rise to the challenge of undertaking well-meaning, well-defined and well-positioned actions for the rescue of Africa from self-extermination. It is asking Africans to put on deck, every vision, every mind, every hand and every resource at the disposal of Africa as the planet earth and our world progress into the new millennium. This urgent demand is necessary for the singular and sacred task of setting into motion the yet to be tapped hidden energies of the African race in the Diaspora and on the continent. This most urgent call is important in order to help all Africans to seek the truth, the knowledge and the understanding about the errors of the past and the foolishness of the present.
This writer believes that it is only by knowing and understanding the truth about Africa’s painful situations that the first crucial step towards recovery can be taken. It is only by coming into full awareness of the problems facing Africa that the spiritual and mental energy that can set Africans in motion on the well-treaded path of civilization and emancipation can be released. Therefore, let the emancipated Africans begin in earnest to articulate strategies that befit the challenges of the present and of the future. These strategies, without any gainsaying, ought to be guided by informed and well-balanced insights that are focused on clearly defined intentions and built around a specific single goal. The goal at this point in history for Africa should be the total emancipation of Africans from mental and psychological enslavement as evidenced in the high level of racial inferiority complex that is comfortable with social inequalities, economic slavery, cultural ape-like mentality, and conventional racial inequalities and global injustices.
It is important for all enlightened Africans to ensure that this new goal should not be allowed to degenerate into another make-believe emancipation project of the independence era. Let all emancipated souls in Africa resolve to make this project a real and genuine action that can set the African race free from the over-burdensome vagaries of nature, from unfounded cultural fears and superstitions, from the fictitious economic, political and cultural enslavement by the rest of the world, from wicked tyranny of the past and of the present and from the current indefensible prevailing high state of ignorance in the continent. These are the roots of all the problems facing Africa. Africans need to wake up from their slumbers to challenge the diseases of ignorance and intellectual laziness.
This is a call for action towards total spiritual, intellectual, psychological, political, social and economic liberation. This is a call seeking for pragmatic actions from all enlightened souls as we shake off the indignities of the past millennium and as we embrace the reality of a universal idea, knowledge and wisdom of liberty, equality and justice that is freely on offer in the new millennium. It is important for all Africans to see and welcome the new millennium as a precious gift wrapped with the accumulated wisdom and knowledge of the last three thousand memorable years of mankind. Africans should see and accept this gift as a ready-made package that is freely available to all seekers of truth. This gift of true knowledge is the only recipe that can lift up the spirit and liberate all human races from the vicissitude of the paralysing state of nature and from the wickedness and inhumanity of man to man.
Africa needs to see this period as a golden opportunity to be seized with both hands as we reclaim and rebuild our mangled and trampled identities. The sons and daughters of Africa should claim this new millennium as their own precious gift from Mother Nature. However, Africa needs not adopt the strategy of war, murder, rape, looting and arson, like the imperial empire builders of the past. The same and even better glory and honour can still be attained by peace and love. Let all the sons and daughters of Africa solemnly declare in words and by actions that, Africa’s time and light have come to shine and that Africa is ready to share with the world her unique divine nature of love, humane kindness and peace.
It is an historical fact that the marauding exploiters from the east and west trampled on the African innate virtues with impunity. Unfortunately, it was the African virtues of innocence, love and kindness that enabled the Arabs and the Europeans to subjugate, loot and rape Africa. Nevertheless, having laid to rest the pains and the shames of the past and having forgiven but not forgotten the perpetrators of the wicked past and the activities of the present foolish ‘leaders’, let all Africans arise in good faith, in good spirit and under the grace of divine wisdom and say to the world: Never again shall Africa be humiliated as it happened this last one thousand years. Never again shall Africa be ridden as a mule of the world. And never again shall Africa accept a subservient third-rated position to any race in the world. Let the work of redemption begins in earnest. Let the awakened wake up their sisters and brothers as we put the past behind us and face the future with hope, courage and determination in the spirit of those that have been redeemed by truth and knowledge, of those that are eager to overcome the present global tribulations and injustices and of those that are willing to create and ready to build a new world for themselves and their posterity.

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