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Crack in Boko Haram’s wall: A new Militant splinter group emerges in Nigeria ‘ANSARU’

For the Nigerian security agencies, the days ahead may turn out a game of bloodbath and destruction as another Islamic militant group has emerged with the determination to take vengeance to defend the rights of black Muslims in Africa.  The new group, which calls itself, Ansarul Muslimina Fi Biladis Sudan (Vanguard for the Protection of Muslims in Black Africa) has as its motto,  Jihad Fi Sabilillah, which means, Jihad for Allah’s sake.   NigerianEYE reliably gathered the new group, which is an offshoot of Boko Haram may be a splinter group from the dreaded Islamic sect  that has left on its trail bloodbath and destruction of lives and property.  In a letter sent to a few select media organisations, the new group, which seeks to rival Boko Haram, is dedicated to waging a Jihad and ensuring that the lost dignity of Muslims is regained and to “reinstate the once sprawling Sokoto Caliphate established in 1804.”   The group’s logo shows a book, purportedly Qur’an, with a gun on each side. Tied to the guns were black flags on which it is scribbled; “there is no deity but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger.”   According to its first letter announcing its formation, the new militant group declared:
“For the first time, we are glad to announce to the public the formation of this group that has genuine basis. [the group] will have dispassionate look into everything, to encourage what is good and see to its spread and to discourage evil and try to eliminate it.” It announced.   The statement, which was signed by Abu Usamata Al’Ansari, the leader of the group, revealed that they intend to pursue their vision through various approaches in a bid to ensure the success of their dream.  Hinging its vision on the need “to propel the words of Allah over anything else through all appropriate ways,” the new militants promised to protect the lives of all Muslims and seek vengeance on those who killed and attack Muslims.   Identifying Jihad as a veritable weapon in the fight against injustice and secure the rights of Muslims, the ‘new Boko Haram’ said that “Jihad as enshrined by Allah and the Prophet entails all means through which one promotes the true religion and subvert injustice and falsehood”.  Describing Nigerian Muslims as main targets in various ethnic and religious upheavals that have wreaked the nation, Ansarul group explained that the decision to form the new group was taken after a holistic review of contemporary events in the country.   The leader of the group, who chronicled religious disturbances from 1986 to 2009, lamented that despite bloodshed resulting from such crises no tangible measure was taken by successive governments to punish offenders.   The group accused the government of fuelling crises  through its sponsorship of various militant groups and socio-cultural organisations which include OPC, MASSOB, AFENIFERE, MEND, AKWAD AQWAP, IYC  (Ijaw youth congress) and IPC (Igbo people congress).
BEHOLD… A New “Boko Haram” sect is born

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