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Group vows to avenge Igbo killings in North

front-pix 200 160A group, Ogbunigwe Ndigbo, on Thursday reaffirmed its earlier position, that it would avenge the killings of South-East indigenes in northern Nigeria should the Boko Haram sect strike again.

Ogbunigwe Ndigbo, a new movement, also issued all northern Muslims residing in the South-East, a two weeks ultimatum to leave the region.

It said, “We can no longer guarantee the safety of such tenants in the face of this senseless killing of our people. We want to remind the Boko Haram sect that nobody has a monopoly of violence.”

The leadership of Ogbunigwe told our correspondent in Enugu that it was a counter terrorist group sworn to the protection of Ndigbo.

It added that it would use extreme violence to protect the Igbo where necessary.

The leader, who identified himself as Gen. Red Devil Nwokolo, noted that the group was not new in the act of defending the Igbo.

“We have done it before and this time will not be an exception,” he said.

He added that members of Ogbunigwe had watched with pains the massacre of the Igbo in the northern part of Nigeria. Nwokolo said, “It is obvious that the Federal Government is not capable of protecting the lives and property of the Igbo. The recent Christmas bombings has strengthened our resolve to raise arms and defend our people.

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