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Kano blasts: Northern leader decries nonchalant attitudes of Nigerians

kano-blastThe Seriki Hausawa of Lagos State, Alhaji Aminu Idris Yaro has expressed sadness over the nonchalant attitudes of Nigerians towards the activities of the dreaded sect, Boko Haram leading to the death of many people and destruction of property worth billions of naira.
The Seriki, who doubles as the Chairman of the Arewa Traditional Council in the state wondered why people refused to hit the street the way they did against fuel subsidy recently.

According to him, it was a painful realization that people put their comfort far above the collective comfort of the Nigerian masses as was demonstrated recently by the protesters against the removal of fuel subsidy by the Federal Government.
“In Nigeria when subsidy was removed on petroleum, people protested and shut down every activity and some patriots even died during the protests.

But when hundreds of people were killed by sects using bombs, nobody stages protest or condemned it because it didn’t happen in their vicinity, none of their relatives are affected or because they are afraid to speak and get bombed too,” the monarch queried.
He asked rhetorically further: “Where is Occupy Nigeria? Where is El-Rufai? Where is Pastor Tunde Bakare? Where are the Celebrities, artistes and musicians?

Where are the Opposition Parties? Where are Nigerians? Were they all in the blast that rocked Kano city? Why is everyone keeping mute now? Or is Kano State not part of Nigeria? Is this not a more serious issue for all Nigerians to wear black rags and truly ‘occupy Nigeria’ with peaceful protest against mass killings of innocent ones?

Do we have energy and strength only on subsidy removal issues? Everyone seems to be afraid now. What a big shame?”

While expressing grief, Yaro could not understand why, “when hundreds of people were killed senselessly in the past few months, all toothless bulldogs can’t even bark any more let alone bite because money is not involved for them to fight for,” warning Nigerians to be guided not to be used by self seeking opposition, but join hands together to build a great and united Nigeria.

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