Pull down the walls of corruption in Nigeria…

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The current Nigerian revolution is a long-awaited war against corruption at all levels especially in the government: against corrupt ministers, senators and members of the House of representatives, state governors and their commissioners, the cabals of the Nigerian economy – Dangote, Otedola, Adenuga and their likes who monopolise and frustrate the ordinary Nigerian, the multi-nationals both local and foreign that manipulate the Nigerian economy – Shell, Chevron, MTN, Total, AP, Honeywell, IPMAN Investment etc .

Corruption is wicked. It is found in every sector of life in Nigeria. It is worst because the government officials are the greatest culprits directly and indirectly. The victims are the poor masses. A litre of fuel at N150 for an ordinary man who earns N20, 000 a month is a crime. The same litre of fuel at N150 or even N250 for a senator who «steals» home N50 million monthly is just nothing. We have waited long for a time like this in the history of Nigeria. It is not about fuel subsidy or the killings by Boko Haram alone, but this is a revolution against corruption of all our governing structures which have stagnated this country for many years now.

May everyone be involved as much as he/she could. Radical actions through street protests and strike actions can bear fruit this time. Un-radical actions through articles and all the available social networks can be of help. Let us pull down the walls of corruption in Nigeria. It is time for the long awaited popular revolution of the Nigerian people. We have suffered for so long that it has become part of us – «suffering and smiling». That is why in the midst of the daily crimes of our government, we have been smiling, calm, and are even rated the most optimistic in the world. Still, we all know that the Nigerian government has killed numerous numbers of our sons and daughters through their innumerable corruption acts.

It is a moment of revolution. Unfortunately there are many faces of it that confront the present government. From the northern Islamic extremists it is the Boko Haram phenomenon. From within Abuja and other major cities it is a cry for and against the fuel subsidy. For the respect of human lives I wish no lives especially innocent lives of the ordinary poor people on the streets should be lost. It is however inevitable that many lives worth to be sacrificed for this revolution to yield a lasting result. The government has killed more than Boko Haram. The cabals, politicians, senators, honourable members of the parliament, state governors, ministers and commissioners have been wasting Nigerian lives more than the deadliest terrorist group in the world, through their wicked corruption acts. Unfortunately the so-called international community keeps quiet, plays diplomacy because they also profit for this injustice and dishonesty.

Can we count how many lives that are lost on the Nigerian bad roads through accidents that could have been avoided if the roads were put in good shape by our millions from oil revenue? Can we count the number of Nigerian youths in prisons outside the country because of their economic crimes so that they can at least feed? Can we quantify how many of them that are executed on daily basis as a result of these crimes especially on cocaine trafficking? Do you know how many Nigerian girls that are forced into prostitution all over the world because of hardship, even in Islamic countries like Mauritania where I live? Can we count how many Nigerian parents that commit suicide because they can no longer live from hand to mouth? It is the Nigerian government that killed all these people. The litany of these unnecessary deaths continue because just about 5,000 individuals out of a whole 150-160 million Nigerians sit on the country`s wealth and share it among themselves. For example, a senator or member of the House of Representative who earns N50 million monthly as his basic salary (excluding sitting allowances and all other unreasonable allowances) can never understand why a litre of fuel should not cost more than N200. And so, with or without the fuel subsidy, his life is not affected. Of course his wife and children are all overseas and do not even feel an iota of the decadence or hardship in Nigeria.

Since 1999 that I started following closely the Nigerian political evolution as a young man of my age, I have never seen any government policy that have been geared towards a direct amelioration of the common man`s life in Nigeria. The fact of 27,000 jobless Americans is about to cause Barack Obama his presidential seat of the US. In Nigeria, neither roads are built nor even maintained. I have never drunk pipe-borne water in my town; we drink from a water tank constructed by my father in the house. We have never celebrated in Nigeria a full day of uninterrupted power supply, where as Ghana celebrated recently ten years of uninterrupted power supply. There are no good public schools of meaningful educational standard. Shame to the Nigerian government, shame!

This is no more time for much talking. Let us all use every means we can afford to drive home this revolution. Let fellow Nigerians in Diaspora should get involved from where they are since there are electric power supplies from those countries, as Nigerians at home may not even have access to electricity in order to stay connected online. Subsidies have been removed at several times on various products but where was the money taken to? Why would a state governor take N100 million every month for security vote, inside his personal pocket where as there is no light, water, good road, school and hospital in his state? Why will honourable members be allowed to continue stealing our public funds in the name of making laws that do not impact any positive change in the Nigerian daily life? Why should we allow the multi-nationals and politicians to be using our common wealth to sponsor those who have vowed to kill and exterminate particular tribes or religious affiliations in the country? The corruption is too much!

The fuel subsidy crisis and the Boko Haram killings are glaring signs that it is time for the Nigerian society to be overhauled. Enough is enough! Our future is in our hands. The president may mean well to boldly desire and attempt to fight corruption among his men but he has shown his incapacity to confront these individuals that have held the nation to a stand-still for many years now. Imagine a senator who has fleets of houses all over the country and overseas (UK and Dominican Island), and yet he has a permanent suite paid and reserved for him in Nicon Hilton and Sheraton Hotels all year round. Can you imagine how many hospitals that such amount of money can build? Or rather how many families such millions can feed? Or how many jobless youths such money can give back their lives?

This wickedness should be addressed now or never! Perhaps the badly calculated removal of the fuel subsidy by the President Goodluck, the killings by Boko Haram, and the nationwide strike action are all blessings in disguise to usher in a radical revolution against corruption; a revolution for change. Let the blood of those innocent citizens not be in vain. How I wish our Catholic Bishops, priests and reverend sisters, monks and nuns, reverend brothers and seminarians could go out on the streets and march with their uniforms to say No to this level of corruption. It is no longer enough to be saying the Prayer for Nigeria in distress and that against Bribery and Corruption. More radical action is needed and is needed most now. Imagine what impact it could have both nationally and internationally if our religious leaders could come out and trek on the roads to denounce this corruption. We need to radically change Nigeria. How I wish I am in the country now. It is a moment of grace, as well as a moment of great trial for all Nigerians. Let my people go!

Chimaobi Clement EMEFU, CSSP.

+222 33148918 «chimaobi_e@yahoo.co.uk»



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