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Why you should submit article on Codewit Site

The great thing about (Codewit World News: Code for Change) is that it creates so much debate and so much controversy among members and supporters. CodeWit aims to cover most of the major events or articles from varying categories, but we are aware that there are good topics and worthy stories that are not present on the site.

We are unable to write about every great thing. However, we would be delighted if you, as a visitor to this site, feel that you would like to submit an article. Have we missed out on your favourite moment in African or Nigerian sport? Have we missed any subject or topic about African people? What triumphs and tragedies have we not acknowledged on the site that you would now like to put right? The more material that is sent in, the better the site will be, of course!

The articles on CodeWit are anything from 500-to 1,000 words in length but don’t worry if your story is only a few hundred words. And if you have just a rough outline of an article, we’ll be happy to offer you some tips to get your piece into shape.

To submit an article, all you need to do is fill in the form below and hit the submit button. If you have photos or any audio or videotapes to accompany your text, please email them to support@codewit.com

Codewit reserves the right to edit your article. Please note that not all submissions will be published on the site. The decision will be at the discretion of the website producer.

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