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Who we are

Many in the world are heralding the dawn of an “African Millennium” culturally and politically. Africa is poised to undergo more changes and wield more influence in the world than ever before. Until now, much of what is visually documented about Africa is a view from outside, seen through eyes that are not African and, in some cases, not Africa friendly. We believe that it is only Africans that can tell their stories to the world and in that manner will gain renewed respect and authentically express their promising future. Based on this background, Codewit World News was founded. Our mission is to provide a global voice for Africans to tell their own stories to the world.

As it is said, youth are the backbone of society. This is no different in Africa.  But sadly, African youth is left without a spine. In an attempt to mobilize African’s young minds, for them to believe and own their future not to mention pave the way for the next generation, it’s imperative, therefore, that they are exposed to an alternative media source. An information outlet designed to highlight the diabolical historical past of our colonial experience & ancestors with a vision of a New Africa. Codewit.com is a news website dedicated to promoting Africa’s independence from global influences.

Codewit World News (CWN) is an outstanding, groundbreaking website that encourages citizen journalists to report on ongoing corruption and government malfeasance in Africa.

Who we are?

Codewit World News (formerly known as Codewit Global Network from inception) is a citizen digital journalism and communication organization and an outstanding, groundbreaking website that encourages citizen journalists to report ongoing corruption and government malfeasance in Africa. . It was established in December 2007.

The organization’s headquarters are in  Finland, the UK, and Nigeria (Regnum: 203.472) The staff headquarters are also in Helsinki, but due to the collaborative nature of our work, we have advisers, authors, contributors, and journalists from all over the world who collaborate with us to shape the CWN Activities and Codewit News. With correspondents in nearly 15 countries, the service provides international news, features, and analysis from Africa.

Codewit World News is also an African e-newspaper that covers a wide range of topics including business, careers, education, entertainment & sports, free downloads, global news, jobs & vacancies, technology, travel & places, and many others.


At Codewit, our vision is to inspire the entire African people, starting with Nigerians, by employing credible media-driven platforms through which we can engage ourselves, as well as the rest of the world.

                           Remember, Information is power, and no stories need greater exposure than those of the African stories. Using Codewit as our perfect platform, we will attempt to rebuild the battered image of Africa and Nigeria at large. Onwutalobi Anthony Claret

Meaning of CODEWIT

The term Codewit is a terminology used by the founder to suggest a collective approach to mobilize African authors, journalists, and writers around the world to use the power of writing to help bring about change in Africa. To pursue this vision vigorously, the founder, Mr Onwutalobi separated it from the main organization and made it a subsidiary of Codewit Global Network which is a non-profit organization that deals with African immigrants in Diaspora

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