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  1. Codewit represents a paradigm shift in how society consumes news. Our sources can provide quick, efficient, and accurate reporting of breaking news in seconds, providing society with a synopsis of events as they happen. Throughout the event’s development, Codewit journalists are able to feed information to online sources, keeping readers up to date in seconds. The speed with which a story can be posted can have an impact on the accuracy of the reporting in ways that print journalism does not.
  2. Our project is a purpose-built vehicle designed to help Africans and the rest of the world appreciate the richness and intrinsic value/beauty of Africa’s diverse cultures, the greatness of our achievements, and our enormous potential as a people. Our strategic goal is to be an effective tool that helps the world learn about and understand Africa as a people with a mission.
  3. Codewit makes it simple to upload and share text on www.codewit.com and across the Internet via websites, mobile devices, blogs, and email. Codewit is the premier Web experience for reading and sharing African stories around the world. Codewit News headquarters in Helsinki, Finland, and Nigeria are staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Codewit.com relies heavily on a global team of nearly 4,000 news professionals at codewit.

  4. The portal is a global leader in the delivery of online news and information. The project is engineered by Nigerians, creatively declaring the uniqueness and greatness of the African People· We bring you closer to what’s going on in Africa without the filter and bias of mainstream media. African multimedia technologies are showcased, ranging from live video streaming to audio packages to searchable archives of news features and background information. Remember that information is power, and no stories require more exposure than African stories.
  5. Codewit.com educates and mobilizes concerned African citizens and other human rights activists around the world to take action against officially-sanctioned corruption, the material impoverishment of its citizens, pollution of the environment, and callous disregard for the democratic principles enshrined in the constitutions of various African nations.
  6. We recognize that the ultimate task facing us as a nation is to build world-class personas and brands; to “showcase” our own achievements in a global setting and economy.
  7. Our greatest challenge is to effectively debunk the persistent effort of the western media to consistently and erroneously portray us as the Dark Continent, characterized by the 5D’s: Disease, Despair, Destruction, Disaster, Destitution and Deceit.
  8. Inspiring Africans and Nigerians is one of our key objectives. Our chosen platforms for engagement and achievement of the set vision include unbiased reporting, article publishing, television, radio, publishing, merchandising, events, seminars, leisure and entertainment.
  9. Mr. Anthony Claret Onwutalobi, the founder of Codewit Global Network, conceived this project for Africans and friends of Africa. The founder believes that the Codewit Network will teach people, particularly African youths, to understand and challenge current problems in their communities while also looking for African solutions.
  10. In general, Codewit.com will inform, educate, and entertain you – whatever your age or location, you will find something of interest. The site is constantly updated throughout the day. We welcome your comments on Codewit News. Please contact us if you have a question, comment, suggestion, or complaint about our news coverage
  11. For General Enquiry: For general information, tips, ideas, etc. You can reach our various departments through the email addresses below and someone will get to you as soon as possible.
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