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What are core Beliefs and Values?

Codewit believes that sound education would teach people, particularly African youths, to understand and challenge the present problems in their communities and search for an African solution. We, therefore, use technology in innovative ways to further social change or voice our dissent on the wide range of issues affecting Africa. We believe that mental emancipation is a key foundation to realizing African economic determinism and political freedom.

To achieve this, we extensively discuss issues that will benefit the growth of the African continent. We campaign that every African youth should be given an equal opportunity to obtain basic education as a key weapon to fight for a new Africa. We promote and facilitate the development of an active, inter-related, progressive African community through networking, culture, and electronic technology. Our organization draws its inspiration through the formation of strategic alliances with other sectors of society facing oppression, such as our African society, racial minorities, women, youths, peasants, and other dispossessed people on our continent.

As the world moves on with the rapid growth of the information and technology revolution, which is the driving force of the process of globalization, Codewit employs this resource as its primary medium to educate and provide its audience, especially Africans, with up-to-date information and knowledge that is necessary to prepare our next generation for a better Africa. “Online Technology Gives Codewit Activists Real Power to Change the Status Quo – Without Taking to the Streets”

Codewit Global Network is one of the members of the battalion of the mighty force of the continental movement for change and renaissance. We strive to resolve some prevalent social, political, and economic issues currently facing Africa. We strive to achieve this by building a solid network of political and human rights activists that will change the future of our continent with new ideas and views.

Codewit also promotes and enriches the public with Africa’s enormous blessings, achievements, and challenges by trying to showcase the aspirations, successes, and concerns of Africa and Africans in the Diaspora. By honouring these distinguished and gallant Africans today, we are confirming this long-held view that we are out of Africa. By reporting on the positive images of Africa without glossing over the negatives, we are, in a small way, making a dent against the Afro-pessimism so dominant out there.

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